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IVOIn View Of
IVOInternational Virtual Observatory
IVOIntake Valve Opening (engines)
IVOIn Vicinity Of
IVOInternet Video Overlay
IVOInfovision Optronics (China)
IVOIranian Veterinary Organization
IVOInstallation Voting Officer
IVOImmobilized Vehicle Order
IVOInternation Volume Offering (IBM; global computer discount)
IVOInternational Virtual Office (various companies)
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Thermodynamic conditions during the closed cycle (compression, combustion, and expansion) can be directly controlled by adjusting the intake valve opening (IVO) and intake valve closing (IVC) angle, which defines the total intake mass flow rate and the effective compression ratio of the engine [3].
The RMS error for the predictions is 0.0274 for the intake valve opening, 0.43 for the intake valve closing, 1.82 for the exhaust valve closing, 0.793 for the exhaust valve opening, and 0 for the exhaust valve closing.
The results found that there was more of a uniform air/fuel ratio in the cases of the start of injection at the end of exhaust valve closing and the intake valve opening at the end of compression [3].
The peak pressure drop transition is used to determine intake valve opening position.