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IAEInstitut d'Administration des Entreprises (France)
IAEInstitute of Applied Energy (Japan)
IAEImpuesto de Actividades Económicas
IAEInternational Aero Engines
IAEIntegrated Acquisition Environment
IAEInstitute of Advanced Energy (Kyoto University; Japan)
IAEIn Any Event
IAEInstitution of Automotive Engineers
IAEInvalid Attempt to Escape
IAEInstitute of Aeronautics and Engineering (India)
IAEInstituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (Portuguese: Aeronautics and Space Institute; Brazil)
IAEInstituto de Atividades Espaciais (Spanish: Institute for Space Activities)
IAEIntelligent Auto Exposure (cameras)
IAEInflatable Antenna Experiment
IAEInstitute of Agricultural Economics
IAEInternational Association of Egyptologists
IAEInternational Academy of the Environment (Switzerland)
IAEInstructional Assessment and Evaluation (education)
IAEIntegral Absolute Error
IAEInstitute for Agricultural Engineering (Indonesia)
IAEIsuzu Automotive Europe GmbH (Germany)
IAEImmunoaffinity Extraction
IAEInstant Arcane Explosion (gaming, World of Warcraft)
IAEIntegrated Application Environment(s)
IAEInternationale Energie Agentschap (Dutch: International Energy Agency)
IAEIntegrated Aircrew Ensemble
IAEInstitution of Agricultural Engineers
IAEInstrumentation and Electrical
IAEIndirect Account Executive
IAEInfrared Anomalous Emitter
IAEInstitute of Australian Education (Medlands, WA, Australia)
IAEInternationally-Acclaimed Expert
IAEIllinois Ancestor Exchange
IAEInherent Availability of Equipment
IAEInternal Audits and Evaluation
IAEInterface Adapter Element (mainframes)
IAEInternet Application Environment
IAEIntermittent Altitude Exposure
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The PI error-squared controllers are compared each other and with the PI conventional controller by measuring certain signals of interest, such as, Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Squared Error (ISE), and peak value in time.
Analysis can be done by means of taking performance metrics such as rise time, settling time, and overshoot, Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Absolute Square Error (IASE), Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE) and Integral Time Square Error (ITSE).
The evaluation parameters such as Rise Time, Settling Time, Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Square Error (ISE) and Integral of Time and Absolute Error(ITAE) is calculated for the above heat exchangers and their comparative results are shown in T-1.