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IFMSInteragency Fleet Management System
IFMSIntegrated Financial Management System
IFMSInternational Federation of Mountain Soldiers
IFMSInstitute for Frontier Medical Sciences (Kyoto University; Japan)
IFMSInteroperable Fare Management System
IFMSIntegrated Facility Management System (various organizations)
IFMSIntegrated Financial and Material System (Canada)
IFMSIntermediate Frequency and Modem System
IFMSIntegrated Fire Management System
IFMSIntegrated Fault Management System
IFMSIn-Flight Maintenance Spare
IFMSInter-Agency Fleet Management System
IFMSImformation Flow Management System
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By using an integrated financial management system, insurers also are able to reduce the time and costs associated with compliance by creating an electronic audit trail and automatically creating financial reports required by NAIC, SOX and other Securities and Exchange Commission and HR regulations.
However, there is still much to do to complete integration with the myriad of partner systems with which DTS must have two-way interface to achieve maximum effectiveness across DOD as a fully integrated financial management system.
NASA is pursuing more timely financial statement reporting through process standardization and a new integrated financial management system tool.
The Standing Committee met with the National Treasury on the procurement process pertaining to the Integrated Financial Management System and the overall status of governance and controls within the National Treasury.
The Minister has also noted with concern an ANN7 television channel news report claiming that an internal Treasury audit into government's Integrated Financial Management System had revealed financial mismanagement.
The National Treasury has concluded the contract to purchase software licenses for the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) programme with Oracle Corporation (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (Oracle).
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has struggled to implement a fully integrated financial management system.
The Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) program%s primary goal is to provide the Government of Haiti (GOH) with the tools and infrastructure necessary to support efficient, transparent, and accountable financial management activities.
In light of these issues, Congress asked that we (1) summarize HUD's past efforts to implement an integrated financial management system, (2) identify the challenges HUD faces with its current financial management systems, and (3) determine the status of HUD's current efforts to identify and address its financial management systems needs.
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