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IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics (hard disk)
IDEInternational Development Enterprises (India)
IDEInstitute of Developing Economies (Japan)
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDEIntegrated Device Electronics
IDEInteractive Development Environment
IDEInvestigational Device Exemption (FDA)
IDEInternet Data Exchange (software)
IDEInvestimento Direto Estrangeiro (Portuguese: Foreign Direct Investment)
IDEIntegrated Data Environment
IDEInternational Digital Enterprise Alliance (est. 1966; formerly Graphic Communications Association)
IDEIsrael Diamond Exchange (Ramat Gan, Israel)
IDEIntegrated Development Editor
IDEInstant Development Environment
IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
IDEIntegrated Device Equipment
IDEIntrusion Detection Environment
IDEInjection Directe Essence
IDEIntercompany Data Exchange
IDEIntelligent Drive Electronics (hard disk; less common)
IDEInvestissements Directs à l'Étranger (French: Direct Investment Abroad)
IDEInvestimenti Diretti Esteri (Italian: Foreign Direct Investment)
IDEInstitute for Democracy Education (Indonesia)
IDEInterdisciplinary Engineering
IDEIntegrated Digital Environment
IDEInternational Destination Expo (travel agents)
IDEIdentifier Extension (computer networking)
IDEInterface Design Enhancement(s)
IDEInternational & Development Economics (various organizations)
IDEImpuesto a Depósitos en Efectivo (Spanish: Tax Cash Deposits)
IDEIntermediate Developmental Education
IDEInternet Development Environment (server side application)
IDEIstituto Dermatologico Europeo (Italy)
IDEIntrusion Detection Equipment
IDEIndependent Developmental Evaluator
IDEIntegrated Development Enterprise, Inc. (Concord, MA)
IDEIndividual Drill Evaluation
IDEInterdigital Electrode
IDEInfrastructure Development Environment
IDEInterplanetary Dust Experiment
IDEIntegrodifferential Equation
IDEInstitutional Diversity and Equity
IDEInterdimensional Entity
IDEInteractive Design & Engineering
IDEInterim Data Element
IDEIndependent Developmental Evaluation
IDEIn-Progress Design Evaluation
IDEInitial Damage Evaluation (insurance)
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