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IMOIn My Opinion
IMOIn Memory Of
IMOInternational Maritime Organization (UN)
IMOInternational Mathematical Olympiad
IMOIcelandic Meteorological Office
IMOInsurance Marketing Organization (various companies)
IMOI Mean Obviously
IMOIm Moment (German: In This Moment)
IMOInternational Meteor Organization
IMOIntelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (Northbrook, IL)
IMOInstitute for Marketecology (Switzerland)
IMOInternet Multimedia Office
IMOI'm Moving On
IMOIn Mijn Ogen (Dutch: in My Eyes)
IMOInternet Mail Only
IMOIrish Medical Organisation
IMOInternational Money Order
IMOIndependent Electricity Market Operator
IMOIndependent Marketing Organization (insurance)
IMOIndependent Market Operator
IMOInformation Management Officer
IMOInfrastructure Management Outsourcing
IMOIntegration Management Officer
IMOIndividual Member Organization
IMOIntelink Management Office (US DoD)
IMOIntermediate Military Objective (US DoD)
IMOIntergovernmental Maritime Organization (obsolete)
IMOIntegrated Market Offering
IMOInteractive Mathematics Online
IMOIndependently Moving Object
IMOIntuitive Music Orchestra
IMOImmune Modulatory Oligonucleotides
IMOInstant Money-Order
IMOIsrael Midden Oosten (Dutch: Israel Middle East)
IMOInstitut für Mathematische Optimierung (Universität Magdeburg, Germany)
IMOImproved Massey-Omura (hardware multiplier)
IMOInsaat Mühendisleri Odasi (Turkish: Chambers of Civil Engineering)
IMOIdaho Mounted Orienteering (club)
IMOInternational Market Opportunities
IMOIntramural Order
IMOIntermediate Math Open
IMOIncident Management Officer
IMOInstallation Maintenance Officer
IMOIntegrated Molecular Orbital
IMOInstallation Management Office
IMOInstallation Mobility Officer
IMOIntensive Management Office
IMOImaobong Missionary Outreach
IMOInformation Media Outlet
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OSIS is a virtual private network managed by the Intelink Management Office which provides authorized users access to unclassified and For Official Use Only (FOUO) information from both the U.
Peak was the first director of the Intelink Management Office, during which he pioneered the global application of web technology within the IC through direct deployment and indirectly with the cooperation of distributed contributions from various operational intelligence organizations.
All other required materials and software are provided by the FMSO office in conjunction with the Intelink Management Office which provides access to the Open Source Information System (OSIS) network.