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IPISInternational Peace Information Service (Antwerp, Belgium)
IPISInstitute for Political and International Studies (est. 1983; Tehran, Iran)
IPISInstrument Pilot Instructor School
IPISIntellectual Property Insurance Services (Louisville, KY)
IPISInteractive Parameter Identification System (NASA)
IPISIncomplete Pulmonary Infarction Syndrome (heart and lungs)
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An online search on MyNewMarkets.com for intellectual property revealed three other markets targeting this specified class of business: New Empire Entertainment Insurance Services, Cooper & McCloskey, Inc., and Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corp.
Unified Patents and IPISC (Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation) sat down with Inside Counsel to discuss new IP trends in the auto industry, including the unique challenges that come with designing self-driving vehicles.
Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) announced the introduction of the InventPro Abatement Insurance program, which is planned to support enforce the policyholder s IP rights against infringers who are often larger and better equipped financially to withstand costly IP litigation.
The Web site of Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corp (www.
Intellectual Property Insurance Services, 5 www.infringeins.com
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