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The list acceptable (1) Intended learning outcome, (2) situation, (3) tool, (4) proficiency level, (5) completion time, (6) motivation, (7) feedback, (8) capability, (9) physical, (10) confident, (11) accuracy, (12) reliability, (13) validity, (14) environment, (15) design, (16) process, (17) skill, (18) interaction, (19) and role.
It could alternatively be used to measure the fraction of a group of students meeting an intended learning outcome, or competency (such as "the student will become proficient in the use of the microscope"), for a course or program of study.
Tutor monitoring and error correction focuses only on the intended learning outcome and students are invited to try to correct the error themselves, with a view to engendering self-analysis and independent error correction outside the classroom, which is particularly important for dyslexics.
She contends that grades should reflect student achievement of intended learning outcomes and that grading policies should support and motivate student effort and learning.
20,26 Clear understanding and articulation of intended learning outcomes facilitates the design of an effective curriculum and appropriate assessments to measure achievement, and to plan the learning process for individual students.
The question is no longer how online education compares to face-to-face learning, but rather whether the pedagogy enables the student to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
To what extent were the intended learning outcomes met?
Each chapter includes intended learning outcomes, points for practice and reflection and practical activities.
Lecturers will need to consider the teaching and learning activities and the resources needed so that the students can meet the intended learning outcomes of the IPE sessions.
Bloom's taxonomy was taken as standard for comparison in evaluation of assessment tools and intended learning outcomes of each unit of the selected sample courses.
The intended learning outcomes make the programme easily measurable and able to insert into an existing IL programme.
Shulman (1987) emphasized that the teacher's pedagogical knowledge should go beyond content knowledge to make it understandable by students through using explanations, dialogues and concrete representations to help students achieve the intended learning outcomes.