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In 1992, for instance, he predicted only one intense hurricane.
But in the sixteenth century there's an interval where there's a really intense hurricane strike in New England roughly every fifteen to twenty years.
At 882 mb, Hurricane Wilma became the most intense hurricane ever measured (3).
The intense hurricane activity in Florida and the Gulf Coast over the last two years has turned the marine and energy insurance market upside down, triggering a long overdue re-examination of best practices.
Nevertheless, the Atlantic Basin still managed to produce seven tropical storms, three hurricanes, and one intense hurricane.
Christian Patterson of the Washington-based Ozone Action points to studies that predict more intense hurricane activity and a longer hurricane a result of global warming.
NHC experts monitor it over a week as it develops into an intense hurricane that sends a glancing blow at Barbuda before heading toward the Bahamas.
AIR estimates that an intense hurricane striking a major metropolitan area could cause insured losses exceeding $150 billion.
They also predict a 47 percent chance that an intense hurricane will hit the Gulf Coast region, which spans the Florida Panhandle to Brownsville, Texas.
3 3 Intense Hurricane Days 5 7 Net Tropical Cyclone Activity 100% 135 Source: Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University.
More intense hurricane activity also poses a risk to such vulnerable sections of the United States as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.