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5143Intentional Damage (police radio code; New Zealand)
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SPRINGFIELD Opponents of legislation that would create tougher penalties for intentional damage to critical infrastructure say the bill would actually infringe on an individual's right to protest at those facilities and against the companies that operate them.
Wang and Doe are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit fraud and related activity in relation to computers and identity theft, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and two substantive counts of intentional damage to a protected computer.
Regarding the charge against my client of intentional damage, no one suffered loss or injury - and it is also his own household property."
The only charge brought in connection with it was "intentional damage" to property, he said.
* The tenant causes intentional damage or irreparable changes that endanger the property's safety, or due to the tenant's gross negligence to take proper precautions the tenant allows others to cause such damage.
Consequently, they both caused intentional damage to the security firm and its interests and those of its clients as well.
to one count of "intentional damage to a protected computer" after he unleashed distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the game's server between February and September 2010.
Mateis was extradited from Romania last year and pleaded guilty to a charge of intentional damage to a protected computer, according to the Justice Department.
Reed has also previously caused intentional damage to a similar Ten Commandments display in Oklahoma with his car in 2014, where a 4,800-pound monument was erected in the capitol grounds in Oklahoma City in 2012.
The researchers injected groups of 19 mice with Gardasil, Gardasil plus pertussis toxin, aluminum hydroxide, or a saline solution control, "in amounts equivalent to human exposure." The pertussis toxin was added to the second group in order to produce intentional damage to the blood-brain barrier.
According to the Department of Justice, Seleznev, who also went by the moniker 'Track2' online, was convicted in a Washington court of 38 charges related to stolen credit card details, which includes ten counts of Wire Fraud, nine counts of obtaining information from a protected computer, nine counts of possession of 15 unauthorised devices, eight counts of intentional damage to a protected computer, two counts of aggravated identity theft.
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