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ILBInside Linebacker (football)
ILBIncandescent Light Bulb
ILBIntentionally Left Blank
ILBInshore LifeBoat
ILBInner Lead Bond
ILBI Love Bees (viral marketing; Halo 2)
ILBInflation Linked Bond (financial debt instrument)
ILBIndustry Lead Body
ILBIndependent Law Brokers, Ltd. (UK)
ILBIndustrial Light Beam (Australia)
ILBInbound Load Balancing
ILBIndustry Lead Bodies
ILBIn-Line Binning
ILBIrish Lighthouse Board
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Sometimes I think my brain has been intentionally left blank. I wonder what Pavlov might think.
There's "civil war", "religious tolerance", "airline food" and "ill health", not to mention "business ethics", "police protection" and "this page intentionally left blank".
The water plant employee who made the turbidity records told the inspector that the spaces had been intentionally left blank because the results had exceeded the allowed amount.
Air Force 18.81% Not Answered 11.88% Marine Corps 8.91% Other 2.97% Comparison of Respondents Paygrade to Service Affiliation Respondent GS-6 GS-7/8 GS-9/10-11 GS-12/13 GS-14 GS-15 Service E-6 E-7/8 E-9 or O-1/2 O-3/4 O-5 O-6 Other Army 8 7 10 8 0 0 Air Force 3 4 5 4 0 0 Navy/MC 6 6 5 15 0 0 Other 3 Totals 17 17 20 27 0 0 3 The numbers for GS-14/15 and O-5/6 were intentionally left blank due to the low number of respondents and desire to keep identiy of respondents (101) due to some respondents not answering grade and service affiliation.