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ICEImmigration and Customs Enforcement (US Department of Homeland Security; formerly parts of Immigration & Naturalization Service and US Customs)
ICEIn Case of Emergency
ICEInternal Combustion Engine
ICEInformation and Content Exchange (W3C protocol)
ICEInformation Center for the Environment (UC-Davis)
ICEIn Car Entertainment (Sony)
ICEIn-Circuit Emulator
ICEIron Crown Enterprises (role-playing game company)
ICEIn-Circuit Emulation
ICEIstituto Nazionale Per Il Commercio Estero (Italian Trade Commission)
ICEInternational Conference on Education
ICEIntercontinental Exchange
ICEInstitution of Civil Engineers
ICEInterCity Express (Deutsche Bahn AG)
ICEInternational Christian Embassy (Jerusalem, Israel)
ICEInstituto Costarricense de Electricidad (Costa Rican Electricity Institution)
ICEInternational Center for Education (various locations)
ICEIce, Compression, Elevation (medical; sprains, injuries, etc.)
ICEInformation and Cultural Exchange (Australia)
ICEInfantry Combat Equipment (US DoD)
ICEImproving the Customer Experience (various companies)
ICEInstitute of Computer Education (various locations)
ICEInternational Court for the Environment
ICEInstitute of Culinary Education (New York, NY)
ICEInter City Express (Germany)
ICEInter-City Express
ICEInternational Casino Exhibition
ICEInsight Control Environment (software)
ICEInternational Currency Exchange
ICEIndustrial Control Equipment
ICEInteractive Customer Evaluation
ICEInternet Communications Engine (object-oriented toolkit)
ICEInternational Conferences and Events
ICEInternational Cultural Exchange
ICEInternational Cometary Explorer
ICEInterbank Currency Exchange (Belarus)
ICEInterleukin-1 Beta-Converting Enzyme (cell physiology)
ICEInteractive Connectivity Establishment (network protocol)
ICEInternational Corpus of English
ICEInstitute for Chemical Education
ICEIntegrated Circuit Engineering
ICEInstitute for Culture and Ecology (est. 2005; Kenya)
ICEInformation and Consultation of Employees (regulations)
ICEInternet Child Exploitation (Saskatoon Police)
ICEIndependent Cost Estimate
ICEInternational Congress on Electrocardiology
ICEIntegrated Concurrent Engineering
ICEInteger Constant Expression (programming)
ICEIndustrial Commercial Equipment (various locations)
ICEInternational Cryogenic Engineering (conference)
ICEIntegrated Cooling Engine
ICEInternal Compiler Error
ICEInner-City Education (hockey; Chicago, IL)
ICEInner City Experience (various locations)
ICEInteractive Connectivity Establishment
ICEIntegrated Computing Engines
ICEIntelligent Concept Extraction
ICEin Circuit Emulator
ICEInterval Control Element
ICEInter Client Exchange
ICEIntegrated Clean Energy
ICEin Car Entertainment
ICEIntersystem Communications Environment
ICEImage Correction and Enhancement
ICEInternet Connections for Engineering
ICEIntegrated Computing Environment
ICEImage Clear Enhancement
ICEInteractive Content Encoding
ICEInformation Concealment Engine
ICEInformation and Control Exchange
ICEIntrusion Countermeasure Electronics
ICEIntegrated Cluster Environment
ICEIncremental Configuration Environment
ICEIntervideo Channel Expansion
ICEInformation Communication and Entertainment
ICEIraf Control Environment
ICEInformation and Content Exchange
ICEIntracommand Rule Editor
ICEIndependent Commission of Experts (Switzerland)
ICEInteroperable Communications Equipment (US FEMA)
ICEImperfect Channel Estimation (signal processing)
ICEIntellectual, Cultural and Educational
ICEInformation Communications Entertainment (industries)
ICEInnovative Clean Energy (various organizations)
ICEIstituto per il Commercio con l'Estero (Italy)
ICEIntegrated Communications and Entertainment (New York, NY)
ICEIsoflavone Clover Extract
ICEInternational Certificate of Education (University of Cambridge; UK)
ICEIndustrial Computer Equipment (various locations)
ICEInventory of Conflict and Environment
ICEInstrumental Chamber Ensemble
ICEIntrusion Countermeasure Electronics (coined by Tom Maddox; popularised in William Gibson's SF novels)
ICEInfobright Community Edition (open source computing)
ICEInternational Council of Ethnodoxologists
ICEIn Class Essay
ICEInstitute for Community Economics
ICEInternational Chess Enterprises
ICEIndex of Consumer Expectations
ICEInstrumentation and Control Engineering
ICEInstitute for Continuing Education (Illinois)
ICEImage Correction & Enhancement (ASF)
ICEIntegrated Computer Environment
ICEInnovative Cooling Equipment (US DoD)
ICEInternational Cosmetic Expo
ICEIn-Context Exact
ICEInformation and Computation Economies (conference)
ICEInnovative Creations in Entertainment (arcade games)
ICEInternet Content Exchange (protocol for content syndication)
ICEIntelligence Center Europe
ICEInternet Commerce Enabled (Nortel)
ICEIridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome (proliferation of corneal endothelium)
ICEInternal Character Encoding
ICEImperial Crystalline Entombment (band)
ICEIntegrated Command Environment (US Navy C4I program)
ICEInterface Configuration Experiment (USML)
ICEInterdisciplinary Cooperative Education (Indiana)
ICEInternational Chemical Environment
ICEInternational Caenorhabditis Elegans Experiment (astronomy)
ICEInformation Collection and Exchange (US Peace Corps)
ICEIndian Cultural Exchange
ICEInternational Card Establishment (bankcard services)
ICEIcelandair, Iceland (ICAO code)
ICEInternal Consistency Error (computing)
ICEIntercambio Científico Educacional (Cuba)
ICEInternational Conseil Energie (French: International Energy Council)
ICEImplementation Certified Expert (various businesses)
ICEIgniting Creative Energy (national student contest)
ICEInstituto de Ciencias del Espacio (Spanish)
ICEInternational Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics
ICEInterfaith Coalition on Energy
ICEI Catch Everything (college football wide receiver motto)
ICEInfoChain Express (Avery Dennison)
ICEInternational Cryptography Experiment (founded in 1994)
ICEInstant Capacity Expansion (software)
ICEInternal Consistency Evaluator (Microsoft Windows)
ICEInternet Chat Exchange
ICEInteraction and Concurrency Experience (workshop)
ICEIce Cold Enforcers (gaming clan)
ICEIntegrated Computer Engineering
ICEIntelligent Content Engine
ICEIntergovernmental Committee of Experts (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
ICEIntegrated Child Exploitation unit (Canada)
ICEIntensive Course in English
ICEIntracardiac Echocardiogram
ICEIndustrial Communications Engineers
ICEInfection Control Examination (Dental Assisting National Board)
ICEInternational Correspondents in Education (network)
ICEInstrument Control Electronics
ICEIntegrated Cab Electronics (Rockwell Automation, Inc.)
ICEIllinois CIO Exchange
ICEIndustrial Combustion Emissions Model
ICEInterpret Chinese-English (software)
ICEInsane Creators Enterprises
ICEIfosfamide Cisplatin Etoposide (chemotherapy protocol)
ICEIndependent Checking Engineer
ICEIndoor Cycling Experience (indoor cycling class)
ICEIturralde Crater Expedition
ICEInternational Congress of Egyptology
ICEInnovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship
ICEIntrusion Countermeasure Enhancements (Network ICE)
ICEInternet Commerce Exposition
ICEImprovised Comedy Ents (Cambridge University; UK)
ICEIsentropic Compression Experiment
ICEIowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
ICEIndividual Chemical Equipment
ICEIntegrated Cost Estimation
ICEInternational Christian Education Credentialing (St. Mary's, GA)
ICEInventory Control Effectiveness
ICEIntelligence Community Engineering
ICEIncreased Combat Effectiveness
ICEInteractive Configurable Environment (OSIsoft)
ICEInstance Creation Expression
ICEIntegrated Component Environment (Java software)
ICEInteractivity Connectivity Establishment
ICEImplicit Continuous Eulerian
ICEInterface Control Element (Job Entry Subsystem 2; IBM)
ICEIntrusion Countermeasures Equipment
ICEIntegrity, Commitment and Excellence
ICEImage Communications Equipment
ICEInternational Counter Espionage (gaming clan)
ICEIndian Council of Education
ICEIntelligence Concept Extraction
ICEInnovations in Chemical Education
ICEImage Creation Engine
ICEInformation, Communication and Extension (Team)
ICEInternet Center of Expertise (USACE)
ICEInverted Coaxial Magnetron
ICEInductosyn Electronics
ICEInterdiction Control Element
ICEIntegrated Customer Evaluation
ICEInstitute for Construction Economics
ICEInteractive Constructive Environment
ICEInteractive Internet Collaborative Environment (Insoft)
ICEInstant Cash Exchange, LLC
ICEIsolated Compliance Environment (for Y2K testing)
ICEIntersection Control Enforcement (Dalton Police Department)
ICEInfiniStream Capture Engine
ICEImpact Correlation Engine (ILOG)
ICEInternational Commentary Explorer
ICEInvestigation & Criminal Enforcement (Kansas)
ICEIntegrated Curriculum Environment
ICEIslamic Center of England
ICEIntranode Circuit Edge
ICEImmediate Consequent Event
ICEIrate Customer Evaluation
ICEIngenieros Consultores Especializados (Guatemala)
ICECurrent Capacitive circuit Voltage (mnemonic for the phase relationship of the current (I) and voltage (E) in capacitive circuits(C))
ICEInterest, Commission, Extras (lending)
ICEIn-orbit Communications Equipment
ICEIngenieros Consultores Especialistas (Guatemala)
ICEInternet Content and Exchange Format (National Seminconductor/W3C)
ICEIntegrated Compliance Environment (formerly TIES)
ICEIntelligence and Community Engagement (police training)
ICEInsertion Communication Equipment
ICEInstant Customer Engagement
ICEIntegrated Clothing Ensemble (Canada)
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On Thursday morning, 22 trains were cancelled in Delhi, which included: 15484 Mahananda Express, 11901 MTJ KKDE Express, 11902 KKDE MTJ Express, 12420 Gomti Express, 12419 Gomti Express, 12459 NDLS ASR Express, 12460 NDLS ASR Express, 13258 Jansadharan Express, 14006 Lichchavi Express, 14008 Sadbhawana Express, 14208 Padmawat Express, 14212 NDLS AGC Intercity, 14211 NDLS AGC Intercity, 14218 Uchahar Express, 14316 Intercity Express, 14315 Intercity Express, 14323 NDLS Inter City Express, 14324 NDLS Inter City Express, 14674 Shaheed Express, 1468 Jalandhar City Express, 14681 Jalandhar City Express, and 15602 New Delhi SCL Express.
Karen Boswell, managing director of Hitachi Rail Europe, said: "Today marked an important milestone for Hitachi and the partners in the Inter City Express programme, as the first new passenger services were brought to the Great Western route.
The Inter City Express train to Paddington was among the first of a fleet built by Hitachi in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, which will be introduced into service.
Will Coun Doug James and his colleague, Coun Richard Worrall, now join me in urging their party and the Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) to give their highest priority to re-opening the Lichfield to Stourbridge, via Dudley (Black Country Line) for inter city express trains and local suburban trains?
Karen Boswell has been appointed as managing director of Hitachi which recently unveiled its new Inter City Express train, top left
The incident happened in an air-conditioned coach of the Guwahati-Ledo Inter City Express.
It offers 250 direct connections, in cooperation with other railways, to neighbouring countries as well as long-distance services to 80 foreign cities and Inter City Express (ICE) train sets that operate internationally in six countries in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
Its existence struck me the other week, when Inter City Express 1657, aka Clara Schumann, suddenly burst into life.
There was an accident two years ago in Germany where a high speed Inter City Express crashed into a bridge.
The crash of a German Inter City Express on June 3 that killed 101 people has made Taiwan High-Speed Rail reconsider the original plan.
to of in Petards likewise has outstanding tenders with the MOD, orders for which are expected to be placed in the coming months, and the company was recently awarded a multi-million pound framework contract by Hitachi Rail Europe for automatic passenger counting systems to be installed on trains for the Inter City Express programme.
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