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ITDIncome Tax Department (various locations)
ITDInfant/Toddler Development (various organizations)
ITDInception To Date
ITDIdaho Transportation Department
ITDInformation Technology and Disabilities (Journal)
ITDInstitute for Tropical Diseases (Singapore)
ITDInteraural Time Difference
ITDInformation Technology Division (MMDS)
ITDInformation Technology Division (at NRL)
ITDI Tak Dalej (Polish: And So On)
ITDIndustrial Technology Division (EPA)
ITDInternational Trade Data System (US Treasury department)
ITDIstituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (Italy, CNR)
ITDInternational Tax Dialogue
ITDImpedance Threshold Device (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
ITDInformation Transfer Delay
ITDIndustrial Technology Development (World Bank)
ITDInformation Technology Director
ITDI Tako Dalje (Serbian/Croatian: And So On)
ITDInteraural Time Delay
ITDIntermodal Transportation Division (Arizona)
ITDInstytut Technologii Drewna (Polish: Institute of Wood Technology)
ITDInternational Translation Day (International Federation of Translators)
ITDInitial Transfer Date (taxes)
ITDInter-Type Declaration (programming)
ITDInternational Training and Development (various organizations)
ITDInternational Trade Division
ITDInstituto Tecnológico de Durango (Spanish: Technological Institute of Durango; Durango, Mexico)
ITDIntegrated Technology Development
ITDInternational Institute for Trade and Development (Thailand)
ITDInternational Trade Department
ITDInterim Terrain Data
ITDIndividual Training Directorate (Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff - Training; TRADOC, US Army)
ITDInstitute for Training and Development (various locations)
ITDIon Trap Detector
ITDInteraural Temporal Difference (sound)
ITDInternational Travel Documents (passport agency)
ITDInstitute for Technology Development
ITDInterim Technical Directive
ITDIn Too Deep
ITDInfectious and Tropical Diseases
ITDIgnore Target Defense (Diablo II gaming)
ITDIncremental Theory of Diffraction
ITDInternal Turret Disconnectable (oil production)
ITDInput Transition Detection
ITDInnovative Technology of Design
ITDInformation Technologies for Development (various organizations)
ITDInspection Test Date
ITDIn Thy Dreams (band)
ITDInterim Terrain Database
ITDInnovative Technologies by Design, Inc. (food safety management)
ITDInterface Telecom Domotique
ITDIncome Tax Tribunal Decisions (India)
ITDImplementation Test Dependency
ITDInstruction To Defense
ITDIntegrated Tactical Display
ITDIntegrated To-Date
ITDIntegration Test & Demonstration
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Human interaural time difference thresholds for sine tones: the high-frequency limit.
Effects of interaural time differences in fine structure and envelope on lateral discrimination in electric hearing.
Specifically, each masker offsets the head shadow produced by diffraction of the other masker about the listener's head and reduces or eliminates the listener's ability to use the interaural time difference cue for each masker.
As mentioned earlier, equalization-cancellation theory provides a plausible account of how listeners may use interaural time differences to reduce the effectiveness of the masker (Colburn and Durlach, 1978).
The group delay produced by passing sound through the array is less than the interaural time differences produced by the human head (Kuhn, 1977), though the growth of group delay for [Alpha] = 60 [degrees] closely matches that of the head until the azimuth of the source reaches 20 [degrees] to 25 [degrees].
Model for the interaural time differences in the azimuthal plane.
The impact of interaural time differences on free-field sound localization occurs mainly at low frequencies (Middlebrooks and Green, 1991; Wightman and Kistler, 1992).