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ICICInternational Conference on Intelligent Computing
ICICInitiative for a Competitive Inner City
ICICInstitute of Creative Industries & Culture (Japan)
ICICInternational Committee of Intellectual Cooperation (League of Nations)
ICICInternational Cancer Information Center
ICICInter-Cell Interference Coordination (computer networking)
ICICI See, I See
ICICInternational Conference on Information and Computing Science
ICICInternational Chemical Information Conference (est. 1988)
ICICInterstitial Cystitis Information Center (Arlington, VA)
ICICInternational Course on Intercultural Competences (Belgium)
ICICInternational Council for Internet Communications
ICICInternational Conference on Intelligence and Creativity (Germany)
ICICInterexchange Carrier Industry Committee
ICICInter-Carrier Interference Cancellation
ICICImmediately Committed Interaction Contract