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IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
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IDEInterdigital Electrode
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The interdigital electrodes sensor and the surrounding environment were modelled using "COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3a" software.
Especially for the interdigital electrode type actuators, even a low bipolar voltage may result in the polarization switching at the end of internal electrode due to the electric field concentration.
In order to determine optimal topology of interdigital electrodes the electric field of capacitive element distribution was modelled.
With the obtained W[O.sub.3-x] crystals, devices were fabricated simply by screen-printing the obtained W[O.sub.3-x] crystals onto ceramic substrates with Ag-Pd interdigital electrodes. With increasing content of oxygen vacancies, the prepared devices present a negative to positive resistance response to relative humidity.
A SAW transducer is typically constructed of thin aluminum interdigital electrodes connected to bus pads of opposite polarities, as shown in Figure 1.