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A minimum interest rate guarantee and participation in the annual return of the insurance company's asset portfolio are the two core components in traditional endowment contracts most popular in the German-speaking countries.
(Any surrender charge is waived by the insurer.) The bailout provision may have a limited duration, such as the first two to seven years, depending on the length of the original interest rate guarantee.
Jorgensen, 1997, Valuation of Early Exercisable Interest Rate Guarantees, Journal of Risk and Insurance, 64(3): 481-503.
* Clients willing to give up some of the growth potential of a variable life contract in exchange for a minimum interest rate guarantee
For example, many were opposed to the inclusion of an interest rate guarantee in the GMP, and articulated serious concern over HUD's move to incorporate Truth in lending Act (TILA) disclosures into the GMP agreement (GMPA).
The Bank of Scotland said: "We introduced a competitive interest rate guarantee for our major branch accounts in 1997.
When the bond matures, the proceeds will be shifted into a 30-day account, which will carry the interest rate guarantee for at least 18 months.
In our analysis, we start with a basic contract with two standard options, namely, an interest rate guarantee and annual surplus participation.
LaFalce recommended that the interest rate guarantee under HUD's packaging proposal be strengthened to ensure that quoted rates not be increased at the whim of the loan originator, and asked HUD to provide more detailed limitations on when rates could be increased.
Besides the interest rate guarantee and a similar smoothing surplus distribution mechanism, as in the model suggested by Grosen and Jorgensen (2000), some terminal bonus is provided.
Under the draft rule, packagers could offer a lump-sum price for settlement costs along with an interest rate guarantee at no cost to the borrower ...
One annuity company offers a product with a minimum interest rate guarantee but also helps offset inflation with interest crediting that is tied to the 5-year U.S.
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