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IRRMInterest Rate Risk Management
IRRMInterim Risk Reduction Measures (US Army Corps of Engineers)
IRRMInstitute for Rehabilitation, Research and Medicine (Wright State University; Dayton, OH)
IRRMMaximum Reverse Recovery Current (of a fast or ultrafast rectifier diode; used in switched-mode power supply design)
IRRMInformation Requested in Reference Message
IRRMInformation Reports Requirement Manager
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Finally, the complexity of interest rate risk management systems, and the assumptions that drive the models, are not always well understood by many directors.
Martin Merryman explains the team's approach: ``The way we do our business is to ensure we haveagood understanding of our customer's foreign exchange or interest rate risk management preferences, and we then create a specific proposition with a number of options.
In this area, leveraging customer information to predict prepayment bolsters interest rate risk management, lowering the cost of hedging the servicing portfolio and improving the funding of the mortgage investment portfolio.
During the volatile interest rate cycles of the 1980s, however, the volume of sales increased and they were not being done solely for interest rate risk management.
The Hotel Franchise Finance division provides middle market hotel owners and operators comprehensive financial solutions, such as fixed- and floating-rate real estate secured term loans, treasury management, interest rate risk management, insurance, private banking, capital markets and advisory services, and payroll services.
Additionally, providing comprehensive interest rate risk management solutions for clients is vital to serving the diverse and complex needs of many commercial and private banking clients.
Parsley is responsible for asset and liability management with an emphasis on interest rate risk management and investing PNC's balance sheet.
As for interest rate risks, Thompson distributed a handout that stated that, effective January 1 2012, every federally insured credit union needs a written interest rate risk management policy.
The nation's banks, thrifts, and credit unions must be particularly mindful of interest rate risk, Federal Reserve System Vice Chairman Donald Kohn said in a January 29 speech on interest rate risk management at a symposium sponsored by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
He oversaw a portfolio of mortgages totaling over $200 million and was also in charge of interest rate risk management.
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