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IX9 (Roman numeral)
IXIon Exchange
IXIon Exchanger
IXInternet Exchange
IXInternational Exchange
IXOrix Corporation (stock symbol; Japan)
IXInteractive Executive
IXInformation Exploitation
IXUnclassified Miscellaneous
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(57) The local carrier would forgo charging its partner for the phone calls that came in, and would even pay the partner share of long-distance access rates it charged the interexchange carriers.
"Based on the primary agreement on preparing the proposal for launching the Interexchange Information Center in IME, we could expect for having a better development and use of synergies and potential of this cooperation through member commodity exchanges," Soltaninejad said in the meeting.
It can be argued, for instance, that some of the Commission's regulatory actions in the interexchange market that were designed to promote competition during transition, such as highly discounted access pricing for [other common carriers] and restrictions on competitive pricing responses by AT&T, in fact have encouraged entry by uneconomic providers and uneconomic construction of excess capacity.
Both equations are similar by their core idea since market's identifying interexchange have the main aim which is involvement of the consumer's capital.
What are the activities of these groups: promotion of social action towards local and territorial economies (micro industry, agriculture, culture) to encourage multiple relationships, free circulation and integrate sympathetic interexchange.
SprintOs Wholesale Solutions Group has a full suite of customizable solutions, including Partner Interexchange Network, allowing customers to interconnect on-net yielding cheaper connectivity rates; and Mobile Broadband on Demand, enabling end-users to purchase prepaid broadband by the day, week or month.
iVUE SIS allows you to rate the traffic at the appropriate tariff or contract rates and bill dedicated circuits to an end-user or an interexchange carrier using our Carrier Access Billing System (CABs) solution.
SDN is using the platform for high-capacity, SONET and Ethernet transport and cross-connecting between interexchange carriers and its member companies.
Other topics covered include subscriber signaling, channel-associated interexchange signaling, signaling in cellular mobile telecommunications, air interface signaling in code division multiple access networks, and transactions in intelligent networks.
Costa Rica, New Rochelle, NY 10801 Ghana, Toll-free: Guatemala, 1 (800) 380-4777 India, Peru, www.crosscultural- Russia, Tanzania, solutions.org Thailand No No Foundation for Sustainable Development Argentina, 870 Market St., Suite 321 Bolivia, Ecuador, San Francisco, CA 94102 India, Kenya, (415) 283-4873 Nicaragua, Peru, www.fsdinternational.org Uganda Varies No InterExchange 161 Sixth Ave.
(28) The following data package claim was approved as being patentable by the Federal Circuit: A method for use in a telecommunications system in which interexchange calls initiated by each subscriber are automatically routed over the facilities of a particular one of a plurality of interexchange carriers associated with that subscriber, said method comprising the steps of: generating a message record for an interexchange call between an originating subscriber and a terminating subscriber, and including, in said message record, a primary interexchange carrier (PIC) indicator having a value which is a function of whether or not the interexchange carrier associated with said terminating subscriber is a predetermined one of said interexchange carriers.
The only weak area was the loss of external commercial carrier interexchange facilities from Gulfport to New Orleans.