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IGMIndexed GEDCOM Method
IGMImmunoglobulin M (antibody)
IGMIntergalactic Medium (astronomy, cosmology)
IGMInitiative on Global Markets (University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Chicago, IL)
IGMInstituto Geográfico Militar (Spanish)
IGMInsanely Great Mac
IGMIstituto Geografico Militare (Italy)
IGMIntergovernmental Meeting
IGMInternet Grateful Med
IGMIstituto Di Genetica Molecolare (Italy; CNR)
IGMIn Game Money
IGMInaugural General Meeting (various organizations)
IGMInforma Global Markets
IGMInternational Grandmaster (chess)
IGMInheritable Genetic Modification
IGMIn-Game Mail (computer gaming communication)
IGMInstitut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung (German)
IGMInstitute of Genetic Medicine (Johns Hopkins Medicine)
IGMIndustrija Gradbenega Materiala (Slovenia)
IGMInstituto de Genetica Medica (Portugese)
IGMImage Geometry Model
IGMImport General Manifest (Pakistan customs)
IGMInstitut de Génétique et Microbiologie (French: Institute of Genetics and Microbiology)
IGMInternet Game Maker
IGMIntersex Genital Mutilation
IGMInternational Golf Maintenance
IGMIntragroup Medium
IGMInstitut für Geophysik und Meteorologie (German)
IGMInstantaneous Gain Modulation
IGMIntergalactic Media
IGMInstituto Geológico Mineiro (Portugal: Institute for Geology and Mining)
IGMInstitute of Global Movers (Australia)
IGMKingman, AZ, USA - Mohave County (Airport Code)
IGMIn-Garrison Maintenance (US Air Force)
IGMI Got Mine
IGMIGetMail (Lockstep)
IGMIndustrial Ghetto Metal (band)
IGMIntergas Marketing
IGMIterative Guidance Mode
IGMInstitute for Global Mobility
IGMIntegrated Geological Modelling
IGMInstitute for Global Management
IGMIngenieurgesellschaft für Geophysikalische Messtechnik (German)
IGMInterest Group Meetings (Canada)
IGMInformatique Gestion Management (French)
IGMIgnoring Gravity Music
IGMIspettorato Generale Motorizzazione (Italian)
IGMInput Grooming Module
IGMInternational Granite and Marble, Corporation
IGMIndustriegewerkschaf Metall (Labor Union Metal)
IGMInternational Graphic Machinery (Belgium)
IGMIngo G Michel
IGMInternal Growth Manager
IGMInhomogeneous Gibbs Models
IGMIndustrija Gradevinskog Materijala (Serbia and Montenegro)
IGMInternet Gateway Multicast
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Instead of looking at the galaxies, we're trying to detect the signature of the first stars' ignition in the stuff between the stars: the intergalactic medium.
That's because if observers can find an FRB's host galaxy, and correspondingly the source's distance, then its smeared-out radio waves can divine the density of the intergalactic medium.
If hydrogen atoms in the intergalactic medium had remained unionized, they would have absorbed all the starlight and the universe would have stayed dark.
The intergalactic medium in the halos was at a relatively low temperature of only about 10,000 degrees Celsius (about 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit), which is widely divergent from the currently accepted models that put the temperature of gases in close proximity to galaxies at upward of 1 million degrees.
Neutral hydrogen can be ionized by absorbing ultraviolet light--but reionizing most of the atoms throughout the entire intergalactic medium a billion years after the Big Bang would have required a phenomenal influx of ultraviolet radiation.
We see molecular gas being expelled at speeds that will allow it to escape from the galaxy and return to the intergalactic medium, and we see the reservoir of gas from which it's drawing.
With most of the papers reporting on recent experimental and astronomical survey data results, the proceedings are organized into sections on cosmic microwave background and cosmology, formation of large-scale structure, local structure, galaxy evolution and clusters of galaxies, intergalactic medium, the distant universe, and ongoing and future studies.
These larger jets shoot out from galaxies into the intergalactic medium.
Astronomers already had signs that the missing half indeed exists, as a thin, elusive gas between galaxies known as the "warm-hot intergalactic medium," or WHIM.
This latest work supports predictions that it is mostly found in a web of hot, diffuse gas known as the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM).
The new studies "reveal that most of the visible matter in the universe is in the intergalactic medium," says theorist Jeremiah P.
These ionized regions grew, and by redshift of about 6 (when the universe was about 1 billion years old), the reionization of the intergalactic medium was complete, an important phase transition in cosmic history.