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IGRInternally Generated Revenue
IGRInsect Growth Regulator
IGRInstitut Gustave-Roussy (French cancer institute)
IGRIntelligenter Generatorregelung
IGRInternal Gas Recirculation
IGRInformation Gain Ratio
IGRIntergovernmental Review
IGRIntergenic Region (genetics)
IGRIntergovernmental Revenue
IGRIn Game Reset (consoles)
IGRIndustry-Government Relations
IGRInternet Game Room
IGRIndiana Guard Reserve
IGRInternal Growth Rate
IGRIguazu, Misiones, Argentina - Iguazu International (Airport Code)
IGRIntergroup Representative
IGRInteractive Grand Rounds
IGRInternational Gas Report (publication; Platts)
IGRInternational Government Relations (Group)
IGRInsulated Gate Rectifier
IGRImplied Growth Rate
IGRInverted GPS Range
IGRInvestment Grade Rating
IGRInternet Gateway Router (computer networking)
IGRInstitute of Genome Research
IGRInter Galactic Republic (fanfiction)
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Chen et al., "A 3-bp deletion in the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is associated with HbF expression," Blood, vol.
Whether there has been expansion of intergenic region in the eumetazoan lineage or reduction in the sponge lineage, there appears to be an interesting correlation between the size of intergenic DNA and morphological diversity and complexity.
Broccolo et al (17) reported the use of Taqman chemistry for the quantitative identification IS 6110 gene segment and on senX3-regX3 intergenic region with 98, 97 and 94, 100 per cent of sensitivity and specificity respectively (17).
To further define the most likely origin of this strain, we performed PCR targeting a [approximately equal to]350-bp fragment in the variable intergenic region between the I73R and I329L genes, according to Gallardo et al.
"[parallel]" indicates an intergenic region. Four probes contain SNPs with a minor allele frequency > 0.01.
For the sequencing analyses of exons 1-9 and the 3'flanking region of CYP2D8P, we conducted a series of 12 PCR amplification reactions spanning areas of ~0.5 kb between the positions -25 (CYP2D8P) and -276 (the 3' intergenic region of CYP2D8P).
If the first nucleotide of NS protein is considered to be genome position 1, the NS protein is coded by nucleotide positions 1-1,779, followed by an intergenic region of 21 nt, and the VPs are coded by nucleotide positions 1,801-4,722.
Some of the genes explored, such as HL, LPL, and the APOC-III, APOC-III/A-IV intergenic region, did not show any influence on daylong triglyceridemia in women (data not shown).
Each repeat contains DNA sequences coding for the 18S, 5.8S, and 25S ribosomal RNA, and an intergenic region generally called the intergenic spacer region or IGS (Rogers and Bendich, 1987).
In addition, we targeted gene US5, which encodes glycoprotein J (gJ), and part of the intergenic region between US5 and US6 using primers HB2A and HB2B as previously reported (Table 1) (8).
Therefore, the DNA cassette integrated into an intergenic region between RCAN1 and CLIC6 genes on the long arm of chromosome 21.