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IBCTInfantry Brigade Combat Team
IBCTInternational Board of Certified Trainers (various locations)
IBCTInterim Brigade Combat Team (US Army)
IBCTInitial Brigade Combat Team
IBCTInstitute for Business Continuity Training
IBCTIngénierie et Biologie Cellulaire et Tisulaire
IBCTInternational Blogger Championship Tournament
IBCTIncorrect Blood Product Transfused
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We will continue to focus on building skills that support the brigade combat team (BCT), interim brigade combat team (IBCT), and Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT) commanders and the modular engineer units.
While the FCS will be part of the Future Force, the Stryker--an armored, wheeled vehicle--has been fielded already and is a key component of the SBCT (formerly called the interim brigade combat team).
Sergeant Merila's first assignment was at Fort Lewis, Washington, as a paralegal specialist for the 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 3d Interim Brigade Combat Team. He arrived in October 2001 and quickly established himself as something special.
12), I raise the question of whether the US has the air transport capability to realistically move a Stryker-equipped Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) into a theater of operations, given the demands of wartime.
There will be one for each division-level MI battalion operations section, as well as one for the CI staff officer at brigade (Interim Brigade Combat Team or IBCT) and higher levels.
Observations on the Interim Brigade Combat Team and Force XXI Battle-Command Brigade-and-Below System; CPT Jeffrey Saeli; 27:1
Earlier missions included carrying new Stryker infantry carriers, of the Interim Brigade Combat Team, from Fort Hueneme, Calif., to Tacoma, Wash.; and moving Enduring Freedom cargo to the Persian Gulf.
One example of their use would be to fill the fourth seat of Prophet (a 98G cryptologic linguist position) in the Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).
A modified version of the TOW ITAS will be used on the antitank guided missile (ATGM) variant of the interim combat vehicle (ICV) for the interim brigade combat team (IBCT).
The Army, with its focus on the new Interim Brigade Combat Team, is bringing renewed attention to the foot soldier and his equipment.
on order, with augmentation, provides additional mobility (lines of communication [LOGs]), countermobility, survivability, and sustainment engineering support to the Interim Brigade Combat Team ..
In addition, the Hunter UAV has flown as a surrogate TUAV at the JRTC and operates at Fort Lewis, Washington, in support of the Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).
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