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IETInstitution of Engineering and Technology (merged name of IEE and IIE)
IETInternational Economics and Trade
IETInstitute of Electronics and Telecommunications (Poznan University of Technology; Poland)
IETIntegrated Energy Therapy
IETInstitute of Educational Technology
IETInternational Environmental Technology
IETInitial Entry Training
IETIntramolecular Electron Transfer
IETInitial Engine Test
IETInternational Equipment Trading (est. 1979; Vernon Hills, IL)
IETIndependent Evaluation Team
IETInternational Emission Trading
IETInteractive Educational Technology
IETInterline E-Ticketing (airline carriers)
IETInterline Electronic Ticketing (airlines)
IETImage Enhancement Technology
IETInstitute of Environmental Technology (Houston, TX)
IETInstitute for Environmental Toxicology
IETIn-Port Emergency Team (US Navy)
IETIndustrial Engineering Technician
IETInitiative for Environmental Technology
IETIntelligent Electronic Typewriter
IETInstallation Evaluation Test
IETInformatics, Educational Technology
IETIntercultural Educational Technology
IETIntegral Effect Test (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
IETInformation and Enterprise Technology
IETIntelligence Exploitation Team (US DoD)
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American Airlines and Philippine Airlines have launched interline electronic ticketing (IET), bringing the number of domestic and international airlines providing IET in cooperation with American to 28.
Gulf Air, an airline carrier in the Middle East, is to be added to the interline electronic ticketing (IET) hub of Sabre Airline Solutions, a provider of products for airlines and a Sabre Holdings company.
Continental Airlines, one of two carriers to operate direct services between Birmingham and New York, says it has implemented interline electronic ticketing with Delta Air Lines, allowing customers to use a single electronic ticket when their itineraries include travel on both carriers.
Aloha said that it also has interline electronic ticketing capability with ten other airline partners: American Airlines, Air Canada, Continental Airlines, ATA Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Island Air.
American and Mexicana Airlines have launched interline electronic ticketing, allowing their customers to use a single e-ticket when traveling on either airline.
ATA Airlines announced on June 23 2004 that it has entered into agreements with six airlines to offer interline electronic ticketing. This convenience allows passengers to use one e-ticket when traveling on itineraries that include both ATA and one of the cooperative airlines.
American Airlines has launched interline electronic ticketing (IET) with Korean Air and Turkish Airlines.
Meanwhile, 57 carriers are using the SabreSonic Ticket Interline Electronic Ticketing Hub to facilitate e-ticketing with partners.
APG Global Associates (APG-GA), an airline distribution and financial services network, said on 31 October that it has implemented Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET) with two new airline partners, Transaero Airlines of Russia and Djibouti-based Daallo Airlines.
ATA Airlines has entered into interline electronic ticketing agreements with six airlines, eliminating the need for paper tickets.
American Airlines will offer interline electronic ticketing with all of its global alliance partners when it begins the service with Aer Lingus and Iberia.
Interline electronic ticketing provides customers with the flexibility to change their itineraries between Delta Air Lines and other carriers who have electronic ticketing agreements with the airline without having to exchange their e-ticket for a paper ticket.