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Application of intermaxillary fixation screws in maxillofacial trauma.J Oral Maxillofa c Surg.
In our case, the patient suffered a sagittal condylar head fracture, and the mandibular immobilization induced by intermaxillary fixation was quite prolonged at five weeks.
In our study, disturbances of occlusion were treated by intermaxillary traction for 1 week for 5 patients and intermaxillary fixation for three weeks in 1 patient in Group I, whereas in Group-II intermaxillary traction was applied in 3 patients for a week.
(13) There are numerous methods for reducing and minimizing mandibular deviation resulting from discontinuity defects, including mandibular guidance therapy, intermaxillary fixation, resection guidance restorations, splinting, "swing lock" removable partial dentures and maxillary prostheses with a palatal ramp.
After the mandible is stabilized by intermaxillary fixation, rigid fixation is achieved with the placement of four positional screws (plates are also occasionally used to ensure rigidity).
19/52 patients were presented with chronic recurrent dislocation in which 7 patients were injected with autologous blood, 9 patients were treated with intermaxillary fixation and three patients were given STD injection.
Elastic intermaxillary fixation was done for guiding the mandible.
ORIF by miniplate osteosynthesis was the main treatment modality in this study accounting to (81, 76.4%), followed by intermaxillary fixation (18, 17.0%).
Shehata et al says that stable fixation during DO is associated with good bone regeneration without a cartilaginous intermediary and so they maintain intermaxillary fixation throughout consolidation period.