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IMCUIntermediate Care Unit
IMCUIndiana Members Credit Union (Indiana Bank)
IMCUIntermediate Medical Care Unit (various locations)
IMCUIndustries Mutual Credit Union (Parramatta, Sydney, Australia)
IMCUIntensive Medical Care Unit
IMCUInternational Milk-Clotting Unit
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The intermediate care unit evaluation focused on the SVT that led to the interruption of surgery because of an initial suspicion of cardiac pathology.
To conclude, conducting a strategy of suicide prevention and mental health promotion among youth is much less costly than providing hospital-based medical treatment after a young person attempts suicide, especially if patients who have attempted suicide require treatment in a specialized, intensive, or intermediate care unit.
The following keywords were used: "Medium Care Unit" OR "Intermediate Care Unit" OR "High Care Unit" OR "High Dependency Unit" OR "Progressive Care Unit" OR "Step Up Unit" OR "Step Down Unit" OR "Transitional Care Unit" and synonyms of those (see Supplementary file 2 for all search terms).
Subjects for this study were a convenience sample of patients on a pulmonary and renal intermediate care unit. Study inclusion criteria were as follows: therapeutic medical requirement for measurement of arterial oxygen saturation, age 18 or older, physiologic stability (<10% variation in HR, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, and noninvasive oxygen saturation within the past 15 minutes), lack of physical impediments to proper use of the noninvasive pulse oximeter devices, no ventilator setting changes or changes in inspired oxygen concentration in nonventilator dependent patients 10 minutes prior to data collection, and/or absence of a medical diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease or tetralogy of Fallot.
Inspectors found it was failing to meet national care and welfare targets, with high staff sickness rates, and revealed staff on the trust-run intermediate care unit on ward 35 of Fazakerley hospital had raised concerns over "bullying" managers and a "blame culture" that made them afraid to report incidents.
Since then, the project has done valuable support for the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, with the successful inauguration of the intermediate care unit of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka as a recent milestone.
The PS903,700 will be used to carry out upgrades at City Hospital, Winson Green, Sandwell General Hospital, West Bromwich, Rowley Regis Hospital and Leasowes Intermediate Care Unit.
Its intermediate care unit provides 15 beds, 10 of which are contracted to the NHS and Barnsley Social Services for respite, rehabilitation and short-term care.
coli) in a neonatal intermediate care unit. Initial transmission was from a mother to her newborn twins and subsequently by physical contact of HCWs with other patients; an HCW also was infected.
It should be mentioned that the Emirates World Humanitarian Mobile Hospital in Missour includes 25 beds, sections of primary health care, emergency care, a section of surgery and a unit of internal diseases, cardiac catheterization unit and a dental clinic, in addition to equipments for sterilizing medical instruments, intensive care units, intermediate care unit, minimal care unit, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray section, maintenance section and a unit of power generation and medical supplies.
The patient was admitted to our intermediate care unit for surveillance and was examinated four, eight, 12 and 16 hours later.
More than two decades later, he is a second lieutenant and clinical staff nurse in the Intermediate Care Unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
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