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IDFIsrael Defense Forces
IDFIntel Developer Forum
IDFIntermediate Distribution Frame
IDFIle De France (region near Paris, France)
IDFInternational Diabetes Federation
IDFInverse Document Frequency (datamining)
IDFIdiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
IDFIndirect Fire
IDFInternational Dairy Federation
IDFImmune Deficiency Foundation
IDFInternational Downhill Federation (sports)
IDFInstitutional Development Fund (World Bank; est. 1992)
IDFIndigenous Defense Fighter
IDFIndigenous Defense Fighter (Taiwan)
IDFInternational DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Foundation
IDFImage Definition File
IDFIntermediate Data Format
IDFInput Data Format
IDFIntel Developer'S Forum
IDFInstrument Definition File
IDFIndigenous Defence Fighter (Ching-Kuo,Taiwan)
IDFInflow Design Flood (civil engineering)
IDFIndustry Development Fund (various locations)
IDFInstrument Definition File (computing)
IDFIceland Defense Force
IDFIntegrated Development Framework (various organizations)
IDFInterface Device
IDFIntensity Duration Frequency (hydrology)
IDFIndependence Fleet (Star Trek)
IDFIrish Defence Forces
IDFInternational Development Fund
IDFInteger-Controlled Data Flow
IDFInformation Distribution Facility
IDFInternet Dental Forum
IDFImmun Defekt Foreningen (Denmark)
IDFIslamic Defense Front
IDFInstitute for a Democratic Future (Washington state)
IDFItem Data File
IDFInertial Dampening Field (Star Trek)
IDFIntermediate Data File
IDFIslamic Dawah Foundation
IDFInterceptor Day Fighter
IDFInstrument Data File
IDFInstallation Data File
IDFInstallation Detention Facility
IDFImagery Dissemination Facility
IDFIssaan Development Foundation
IDFInvalid Data Flag (Nortel)
IDFInteramerica Data Florida, LLC (Doral, FL)
IDFIntegrated Delivery Function
IDFImbalance Design Fraction (aviation)
IDFIneffective Direct Fire
IDFIndemnity Discount Factor (insurance)
IDFItron Delimited Format
IDFIntelligent Document Factory
IDFInstruction and Dictionary Finalization
IDFInitial Distribution File
IDFInternational Disaggregate Forecast (Sprint)
IDFIssue Documentation Form (various organizations)
IDFIntegrated Demand Forecast (Sprint)
IDFIntermediate Distribution(al) Facility (networking)
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In many cases, designers locate many small cells in intermediate distribution frame (IDF) closets to simplify connectivity and economize on battery backups, since only one system is needed for the whole IDF closet.
The arena's communications infrastructure features more than 12,000 active internet ports, over 200 virtual LANs (VLANs) and 45 intermediate distribution frames (IDFs), which connect telecommunications cables between end-user devices and a main distribution frame.
Intermediate distribution frame (IDF) locations are spread throughout DFM to provide data and voice connectivity at every desk.
The MSPP project will connect Orpic's Mina Al Fahal and Sohar refineries by means of a 280km pipeline to an intermediate distribution and storage facility at Jifnain in the Wilayat of Seeb, as well as a new storage facility at Muscat International Airport, which will receive aviation fuel directly from the pipeline.
The MSPP Project will connect Orpic's Mina Al Fahal and Sohar refineries by means of a 280 km pipeline to an intermediate distribution and storage facility at Al Jifnain in the Wilayat of A'Seeb, as well as a new storage facility at Muscat International Airport, which will receive aviation fuel directly from the pipeline.
Based on customer needs, the companies organically link the processes from the development of food resources, the supply of raw materials, production and processing and intermediate distribution through to retailing, advance and develop the global Strategic Integrated System (SIS) strategy, which promotes efficient production, distribution and marketing, and improve the management functions for food safety and security.
The Intermediate Distribution Rack (IDF) Series from Middle Atlantic Products of Fairfield, New Jersey, is designed for integrators who need to house components where cable-run distances can become problematic.
The fiber panel can handle up to 70 computer connections and an Ethernet backbone runs from each cabinet to the main school server, while various CAT 6 cables connect to main and intermediate distribution frames for server connections and electrical power.
Understanding the meaning of intermediate distribution frame (IDF) room-ready enabled us to provide for utility services at the right time at Time Inc.
There is also an intermediate distribution for t between 1.6 ms and 2.0 ms.
A main technology room houses all carrier, voice, data, and Internet equipment; high-speed fiber optics and Category 6 copper wiring; and dual intermediate distribution frame rooms on each floor to provide redundant distribution of information, ensuring data delivery gear up the building for high-speed access to modern communications systems.
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