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IntermTraIntermediate Training (US Navy)
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The charity Bloodwise offered me a space, I downloaded the 17-week intermediate training plan from the Virgin London Marathon website, pulled on my trainers and started running.
T-2 Buckeye was the United States Navy's intermediate training aircraft, intended to introduce U.S.
The current focus on mission-specific intermediate training as opposed to general intermediate training and on-the-job training is a great leap in the right direction.
More recently, he served as the moderator of nonwovens trade association INDA's Intermediate Training course.
Air Force motorcycle operators should receive initial training, intermediate training within a year, and refresher training within five years.
The Kirans were used for both basic and intermediate training. The basic training has gradually shifted to the new Pilatus PC7 aircraft.
Beginning with a quick review of the procedures covered in the puppy and intermediate training tapes, professional trainer Bob West then moves into more advanced work aimed at producing a finished gun dog.
Pointing Dogs: Intermediate Training With the basic commands mastered, the young dog is ready to begin more advanced work.
At this stage, the faculty members are in learning mode and need intermediate training and instructional support.
Secondly, the intermediate training level group represented almost 20.1% of the complete sample, a substantial group in relation to the whole sample.
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