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IDLIdle (assembly language directive)
IDLInterface Definition Language (CORBA)
IDLInteractive Data Language
IDLIntermediate Density Lipoprotein
IDLInterface Description Language
IDLInteractive Distance Learning
IDLIowa Digital Library (University of Iowa)
IDLInstrument Detection Limit
IDLIdentifier List
IDLInterface Definition Language
IDLImmediately Dangerous to Life
IDLInternational Date Line
IDLInstructional Design and Learning
IDLIndirect Labor
IDLImport Drug License (China)
IDLIndependent and Distance Learning (various locations)
IDLInternational Driving License
IDLInfectious Diseases Laboratory (various locations)
IDLIntegrated Digital Library
IDLInterface Design Language
IDLIdlewild Airport Code (New York International Airport, former Name of JFK Airport)
IDLInternational Distance Learning (various schools)
IDLInmate Day Labor
IDLImplement Driveline (machinery)
IDLInteroperable Data Link
IDLInter-chip Digital Link (Motorola)
IDLIndex to Dental Literature
IDLInfectious Diseases of Livestock
IDLInput Data Line
IDLInfantry Division, Light
IDLImage Display Language
IDLInternet Definition Language
IDLInter Layer Dielectric
IDLIndentured Drawing List
IDLInteractive Development Language
IDLInterim Data Link
IDLInterconnect Description Language
IDLIntermodal Distribution Lane
IDLInterference Detection and Location technology
IDLInterfacility Data Link
IDLIntelligent Database Language
IDLIntelligent Definition Language
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Las mas conocidas son los quilomicrones (Q), lipoproteinas de muy baja densidad (very low density lipoproteins, VLDL), lipoproteinas de densidad intermedia (intermediate density lipoprotein, IDL), lipoproteinas de baja densidad (low density lipoproteins, LDL) y lipoproteinas de alta densidad (high density lipoproteins, HDL) (1-5).
Approximately 50% of patients will also have type III hyperlipoproteinemia (increased total cholesterol, plasma triglycerides, very low density lipoprotein, and intermediate density lipoprotein).
In addition to high plasma TG and low HDL-C concentrations (6, 7), at least three classes of TG-rich lipoproteins are both atherogenic and associated with increased CHD risk, including intermediate density lipoprotein (IDL; a TG-rich remnant product derived from VLDL metabolism) (8, 9), VLDL, (the dense VLDL subclass) (10, 11), and TG-rich chylomicron remnants (8,12,13).
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