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Perera, C and Mahakalanda, I (2008) 'Practical Action South Asia "Status of Appropriate / Intermediate Technology Debate and Practice' (online) (cited 6 March 2013).
Table 5 again focuses on the intermediate technology. Consider the decreasing returns to scale case.
This complexity is particularly true for those who want to upgrade to an intermediate technology. By intermediate we mean one with pricing and extra features falling somewhere between the simpler, lower-end, low-cost mechanical levelers and the upper-end, higher performance, more expensive, hydraulic, levelers.
And if traditional wisdom dictates not only social goals ("small") but also the means to achieve these goals ("intermediate technology"), is this not a recipe for totalitarianism?
Choice of aircraft was crucial in several cases: turboprops, for example, proved to be a poor intermediate technology between propeller-driven and jet aircraft.
Additionally, 148 (13.4 percent) described their businesses as "high-technology," 485 (43.9 percent) characterized themselves as "intermediate technology" and 425 (38.4 percent) indicated "low-technology." A total of 48 (4.2 percent) could not identify their technological sophistication.
Of these proposals, 100 of the most important inventions, including the prize winners and honorable mentions, are described succinctly in One Hundred Innovations for Development, a new book published by the London-based Intermediate Technology Development Group.
The foundations of AT (or, as it is called in England, "intermediate technology") were prepared at a meeting held in Oxford, England in 1968.
PRACTICAL ACTION, originally known as Intermediate Technology, was set up in 1966 by the British economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher.
In 1966, when George McRobie and Fritz Schumacher instigated the formation of the Intermediate Technology Development Group, they wrote in its very first Bulletin about the plight of the would-be purchasers of a simple tool: "There used to be a bit of equipment you could buy for 20 [pounds sterling] to do a particular job.
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