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ITGBIntermediate-Term Government Bond
ITGBIntegrin, Beta-3
ITGBInformation Technology Governance Board (various organizations)
ITGBInstitute of Toastmasters of Great Britain (UK)
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Therefore the portfolio should consist of large company common stocks and intermediate-term government bonds. As shown in Exhibit 1, financial market instruments are risky when risk is measured by the annual standard deviation of returns.
As shown in equations (1), (2), a combination of common stocks and intermediate-term government bonds tends to result in a lower level of risk
Note that substituting intermediate-term government bonds for Treasury bills, as shown in equations (1), (2), tends to produce 10.02 percent return with a risk of 16.38 percent.
Over 20-year periods, the minimum return on the S&P 500 stock index was 3.1 percent - nearly double the 1.6 percent minimum earned on intermediate-term government bonds. Thus, if one is concerned about minimizing downside risk over the long run - as when investing for retirement security - historical evidence seems to favor a diversified portfolio of common stocks.
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