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IASInstitute for Advanced Studies (also seen as IUSS)
IASInternational Accounting Standards
IASIndustry Applications Society (IEEE)
IASIndian Administrative Service (formerly Indian Civil Service)
IASInternational AIDS Society
IASIndian Academy of Sciences (Bangalore, India)
IASInternal Audit Services
IASInvasive Alien Species (APEC subcommittee)
IASIndustrial Automation Services (various locations)
IASIt's a Secret
IASImpact Assessment Study (various locations)
IASIntelligent Autonomous Systems
IASIntegrated Avionics System
IASInternational Aid Services
IASInternational Association of Scientologists
IASImmersive & Autonomous System (artificial intelligence)
IASInternational and Area Studies
IASIsland Aviation Services (Maldives)
IASInternational Association of Sedimentologists
IASIn All Seriousness
IASInternet Application Server (Oracle)
IASInstitut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (French)
IASInternal Anal Sphincter
IASInternet Authentication Service (Microsoft)
IASInternet Authentication Service (remote access security for Windows 2000)
IASInstitute of Administrative Sciences (Pakistan)
IASIntegrated Automation System (various companies)
IASInteratrial Septum (cardiology)
IASImmigration Advisory Service (UK)
IASIntruder Alarm System
IASIndustrial Automation Show (trade show)
IASInternational Assignment Services
IASInternal Audit Section (Hong Kong)
IASInstitute of Atmospheric Sciences
IASInternational Audit Standards
IASInternet Web Application Server
IASImplementation Agreements
IASIntelligent Application Switching
IASInstitute of Advanced Study
IASInternet Authentication Service
IASIntegrated Access Server
IASInternet Access Server
IASIndustrial Applications Society
IASInternet Authentication Server
IASInformation Access Service
IASImage Authentication System
IASImage Acquisition System
IASInternet Acronym Server
IASI-Planet Application Server
IASIntegrated Access Service
IASInertia Active System
IASInternational Association of Sufism
IASInformation Assurance and Security (International Symposium)
IASIntegrated Assessment Services (certifications; India)
IASIntra-Abdominal Sepsis
IASIndicated Air Speed
IASIntelligence Analysis System
IASImpresa Autolinee Scura (Italian: Dark Bus Company)
IASIndustrial Air Solutions (various locations)
IASIncreased Attack Speed (Diablo)
IASImage Analysis and Stereology (journal)
IASIntra-Americas Sea
IASInergy Automotive Systems (various locations)
IASIt's Always Something
IASImmigrants and Asylum Seekers (UK)
IASInorganic Arsenic
IASInertia Active System (Edlebrock auto/motorcycle progressive suspension)
IASIslamic World Academy of Sciences
IASInstrument Air System
IASInternational Affairs Specialist (US Air Force)
IASIntegrated Automation Solutions
IASInternational Auto Salon (Auto Exhibitor Show)
IASInteractive Application System
IASIndependent Advocacy Services (UK)
IASImage Authentication System (software; various companies)
IASInformation Analysis Section (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
IASInstituto Argentino de Siderurgia (Argentine Institute of Iron and Steel Industry)
IASInsurance Advisory Service (various locations)
IASIntegrated Access Switch (Northchurch Comm)
IASImmunisation Awareness Society
IASImage Assessment System
IASInternational Assistance System
IASInternational Accounting System
IASInformation Access System
IASInitial Advice Statement
IASInternational Aroid Society
IASImage Access Solutions
IASIncrease Attack Speed (gaming)
IASIntegrated Application Solutions (Tekelec)
IASIn-situ Air Sparging
IASInstitut für Automatisierungs-und Softwaretechnik (German: Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering; Universitat Stuttgart)
IASInstitute of Aeronautical Sciences
IASInternational Association of Seismology
IASIntel Audio Studio
IASIsobaric Analog State
IASInstitute for Afghan Studies
IASIndex Amortizing Swap (finance)
IASInformation Assurance Solutions
IASIasi, Romania - Iasi (Airport Code)
IASInformation Access Services
IASInstructional Assessment System (various universities)
IASIndividual Assignment System (New York Supreme Court)
IASInternational Aid Sweden
IASImmediate Access Storage
IASIndustrial Adjustment Services (Canada)
IASInternational Association of Seismologists
IASInternet Astronomy School
IASInternal Audio Subsystem
IASInternet Award Scheme (EU)
IASInternational Adhesions Society
IASInteractive Analysis System
IASImpact Assessment Statement
IASInstitute for Applied Socio-Economics
IASIncineration At Sea
IASInstitute for Aerospace Studies
IASInstitute of Agriculture Sciences (Vietnam)
IASIslamic Association of Saskatchewan (Canada)
IASImage Access Service
IASIntegrated AUTODIN System
IASIntra-Atrial Septum (heart)
IASInstitute of Asset Management (UK)
IASInformation Applications and Systems
IASIdeal Access Structure
IASInterference Analysis System
IASInstrument Analog Slice
IASImage Annotation Service
IASInelastic Atom Scattering
IASInstitut voor Alternative Strategieen (Dutch: Institute for Alternative Strategies)
IASInternational Armaments Strategy
IASIntelligence Analyst Station
IASIntegrated Accounting/Avionics System
IASInstitutional Access System (hotline; US Department of Education)
IASIndirect Access Service
IASInfrastructure Architecture Solutions
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For improvement in performance and ensuring transparency, internal audit section was being separated from the FBR, it was told.
Those declared innocent are Muhammad Tariq (director of engineering), Mujeeb Raza Warsi (director, operation and maintenance), Muhammad Irfan (former administration director), Rana Ghulam Mujtaba (executive engineer), Habibullah (deputy director), Waseem Ahmad and Shahzad Ali (assistant directors) and Abdul Latif and Aziz Ahmad (internal audit section).
The committee is made up of private sector experts and senior gardai and its role is to examine the work done by the Garda's Internal Audit Section.
The Comptroller is looking for a licensed CPA firm to assist her in carrying out her internal audit responsibilities by providing the following: Dedicated Internal Audit Advisor providing 16-24 hours per week of on-site internal audit advice, guidance and direction to the Comptroller and her Internal Audit Section. Specific duties will include: o Advising the Comptroller and Deputy Comptrollers on Internal Audit.
The entire P900 million was released by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to the DAR "to provide services to Agrarian Reform Communities to help them recover from the losses brought about by Typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng," said the report by Romeo Reyes, the director of the DAR's internal audit section.
Also leaving the YOUR Email us liverpoolecho.or write to 48, Old Liverpool authority is the head of Wirral's internal audit section David Garry - at a cost of PS46,584, including a PS35,256 severance payment.
He is clutching a ticket-issuing machine, introduced by the City Treasurer's Internal Audit section (where I was employed at the time) when the toll gate was bought out from Plymouth Estates in around 1950, the machine replacing the previous system of issuing flimsy tear-out receipts on behalf of Plymouth Estates, Ltd.
Presiding Judge Mounir adjourned the case until Thursday to hear the statement of the auditor M.M., who heads the internal audit section of Dubai Financial Control Department.
THIS council is alarmed that its Internal Audit Section may have acted contrary to the data protection act, copyright regulations and the Council's email protocols, in that emails between the Leader of the Council (Mike Storey) and a Senior Officer (Matt Finnegan, the head of media services) were read and copied despite those emails not being connected with their initial topic of investigation and permission not having been granted for their dissemination and publication.
The City of Charlotte internal audit section is charged with auditing the CMConOp operation of the plants.
The main role of the committee, which is made up of private sector experts and senior officers, is to examine the work done by the Garda's Internal Audit Section.
'Audit (the council's internal audit section), in line with established procedure, recommended that the officer concerned be suspended to allow a full investigation to take place.
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