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Miller-Tiedeman and Tiedeman (1990) considered an individual's career as a reflection of his or her internal cognitive process and defined this self-awareness as ego development.
Furthermore, one should also notice that behaviourists placed no importance to internal cognitive processes, as their main assumption is that learning essentially involves a behavioural change.
Animals seem to reveal observable indicators of internal cognitive processes. For example, research shows that a rabbit judges whether a bird flying overhead is a threat by discerning whether the bird flaps its wings or soars.
Coleridge and Newman (and Rule) want to enable readers to experience for themselves the stages one goes through in responding to the call of revelation and to become not only "reflexively conscious" of the meaning of their own words but to grasp the internal cognitive processes they represent.
Donald adopts an integrated approach that stresses the internal cognitive processes of the learner, but she does situate these cognitions within different disciplinary contexts.
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