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References in classic literature ?
Hereupon it was agreed to postpone the internal examination until the next evening; and we were about to separate for the present, when some one suggested an experiment or two with the Voltaic pile.
40 students were taken in Group I, having <80% attendance and another 40 students were entered in Group II, having more than 80% attendance in theory at the time of first internal examination.
He told the court that the woman had been a patient at The Village surgery, in Formby, where Crosby was one of the GPs and in 2000 he gave her an internal examination after she complained of abdominal pains.
As per the procedure, a candidate, after completion of his training, has to appear for an internal examination.
If you take photographs and charge someone who is having a GOS sight test, do ensure that your record shows that you used some other means of internal examination of the eye.
She claimed he carried out an unnecessary internal examination and said his treatment had felt like a "sexual thing".
All four modules will have internal examination and there will be an OSCE examination conducted by the university under whose jurisdiction the institution training for the house job/foundation year falls.
Among specific topics are fractal behavior in pathological heart rate variability dynamics, comparison of blood flow patterns in cerebral aneurysms, biomechanical consideration for dorsal-lumbar and lumbar sagittal spine disorders, the human body exposed to a magneto-therapy device magnetic field, methods and applications of computer simulations and modeling in oncology, and an internal examination training system supporting abnormal labor conditions.
Finnish stainless steel group Outokumpu Oyj announced on Thursday (28 June) the results of an internal examination by an independent investigator, Roschier Attorneys Ltd, regarding Tornio Works' exports to Russia.
I was not given an internal examination despite being seen by three midwives and a doctor.
These can be exposed by a laser beam conducted through an optical fibre contained within the endoscopic bundle used for internal examination of a live animal or person.
The girl went to Dr Sacha in February suffering from abdominal pain and he carried out a routine internal examination