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IHXInternal Heat Exchanger (engine cooling)
IHXIntermediate/Input Heat Exchanger
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The heat exchanger of calcined petroleum coke includes an internal heat exchanger and an external heat exchanger.
Hence, it is advantageous to incorporate an internal heat exchanger (IHE) before supplying the working fluid to the condenser in order to reduce the heat supplying from heating reservoir and the heat rejection in the condenser.
Then the saturated liquid is further cooled in the Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX 2) (32) using the lower temperature fluid from state (34) to state (29).
The hydraulic package includes a fluid level indicator, coolant inlets and outlets from/to the cold plate under test, ports for surface temperature thermocouples, and a fluid cooling system for its internal heat exchanger. The iFLOW-200[TM] is also ideal for testing alternative liquids.
As in the production version, Audi is using a thermostatically controlled cooling circuit with an internal heat exchanger for the air conditioning system.
While for some working fluids an internal heat exchanger, that is a suction line heat exchanger, is very advantageous, it is not an absolute necessity for the efficient operation of vapor compression cycles in general.
The nontoxic fog is a compound of water and glycol that is forced through a patented cartridge connected to an internal heat exchanger. The resulting vapor creates a dry, colorless, harmless fog with a mint smell.
The C[O.sub.2] circuit (Figure 1) carries out a double compression with gas intercooling between the two compression stages and single throttling, and it is equipped with an internal heat exchanger. The compressor is a two-stage semi-hermetic reciprocating unit running at 1450 rpm (50 Hz).
Smith says, "Denso has developed system components, including a hermetic-type electric compressor, a gas cooler, a unique accumulator tank that includes an internal heat exchanger, and an evaporator." He suggests that, because of the design of the accumulator tank, the installation of the system in a vehicle is fairly straightforward.
All models in the series feature helical ground gearing with oil-controlled and oil-cooled clutches, clutch rate-of-rise feature, internal heat exchanger without external oil lines, a choice of torsional input couplings and light alloy main housings with conservatively rated anti-friction bearings.