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IJPIndian Journal of Pharmacology (Indian Pharmacological Society)
IJPInk Jet Printer
IJPInk Jet Printer (US Postal Service)
IJPInk Jet Printing
IJPInternal Job Posting
IJPInternational Journalists' Programmes
IJPImmigrant Justice Project
IJPInternational Journal of Parapsychology
IJPIntegrated Justice Project (Canada)
IJPIntensive Japanese Program (International University of Japan)
IJPIdiojunctional Pacemaker
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Job Application Management handles teacher, non-instructional and internal job postings and applications.
After reexamining data from 28 studies involving nearly 40,000 employees, the researchers found that companies can actually increase the survival rate of new hires by 25% or more if they rely on inside sources instead--former employees, recommendations from current staff and internal job postings, for example.
We also use our intranet sites to keep people better informed about corporate activities, including global programs and services, competition, internal job postings, and meeting calendars and minutes.
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