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IJVTInternal Jugular Vein Thrombosis
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Demonstration of internal jugular vein thrombosis utilizing ultrasound, computed tomography, or MRI scan.
11) Ultrasonography can also confirm internal jugular vein thrombosis, showing localized echogenic regions within a dilated vessel.
Spontaneous resolution of internal jugular vein thrombosis in a Salmonella neck abscess patient.
Internal jugular vein thrombosis and deep neck infection from intravenous drug use: Management strategy.
Venography detected a right internal jugular vein thrombosis that extended intracranially to the right sigmoid sinus (figure 2).
7) At the onset of symptoms, tonsillitis is often apparent, but the signs of the initial oropharyngeal infection may have already resolved by the time internal jugular vein thrombosis and metastatic infections have become evident.
The clinical features of internal jugular vein thrombosis are subtle.
Many authors now consider contrast-enhanced CT to be the imaging modality of choice for internal jugular vein thrombosis.
To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of Lemierre's syndrome in which internal jugular vein thrombosis occurred bilaterally.
3) This has not always been the case; during the pre-antibiotic era, internal jugular vein thrombosis was a common sequela to oropharyngeal infection.
In 1936, Lemierre described a syndrome that was characterized by anaerobic septicemia, internal jugular vein thrombosis, and septic emboli that arose secondary to infections of the head and neck, particularly in the oropharynx.
6,7] A delay in diagnosis can lead to complications such as septicemia, retropharyngeal abscess, tracheal or esophageal rupture, or internal jugular vein thrombosis.
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