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IRGIranian Revolutionary Guard
IRGInternational Resources Group
IRGIndependent Regulators Group (EU)
IRGInformatics Research Group (various locations)
IRGImmunology Research Group (University of Calgary)
IRGInternational Research Group (various organizations)
IRGImmunoreactive Glucagon
IRGInsight Research Group (New York, NY)
IRGInternal Research Grant (higher education)
IRGGhosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost
IRGIraqi Republican Guard
IRGInterest Rate Guarantee
IRGInternet Resource Guide
IRGInter Record Gap
IRGIntegrated Review Group
IRGInitial Review Group
IRGInternational Research Grant
IRGImmediate Release Guidelines (World Customs Organization)
IRGInter-Record Gap
IRGInteractive Research Group
IRGInternational Rice Genebank
IRGImaging Research Group
IRGImpôt Sur Le Revenu Global (French: Income Tax Global)
IRGInsurance Research Group
IRGInternationale des Résistants À La Guerre (French: War Resisters International)
IRGImage Resource Group (Columbia, SC)
IRGInfinity Resource Group (Berwyn, PA)
IRGInsurance Rating Group
IRGInnovative Resources Group, Inc. (Saratoga Springs, NY)
IRGIncident Response Geographic Information System (California)
IRGIdea Resource Group
IRGInformation Routing Group
IRGInteragency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
IRGInterdepartmental Regional Group
IRGInertial Rate Gyro
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Mazharul Islam of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science, SQU, supported by an internal research grant from the university.
Tribune News Network Doha The Office of the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) recently hosted an event to unveil QU's new internal research grants. The event provided researchers and students with the opportunity to meet QU pre-award team and get acquainted with the organisation's various internal funding opportunities.
Winners of the Internal Research Grants Programme at Hamad Medical Corporation will get a total of QR3mn in research funding from the Corp, it was announced.
For a faculty member making $50,000 a year, teaching two summer classes would bring in an additional $9,000 in income, a rather large amount that could not typically be covered by internal research grants. It was unreasonable to expect even the most dedicated faculty to work on research projects with students instead of teaching summer school.
The three-hour orientation workshop included an experience-based talk from an early career researcher and practical information relating to the university's research strategy, ethics policies and procedures, internal research grants and study leave, and an overview of the New Researchers' Grant Scheme.
Reinvention of its innovation process is designed to meld the best of 3M's culture and entrepreneurship (permission for researchers to spend 15 percent of their time on projects of personal interest, internal research grants, recognition programs, and technology cross fertilization and researcher networking) with the systematic rigor of Six Sigma.
At Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel, the Research Authority serves as the academic unit responsible for the administration of securing and managing external and internal research grants. The Research Authority locates funding sources, develops proposals, approves proposals for submission, negotiates contracts, and ensures financial and scientific compliance of grants awarded.
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