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IRBInternal Revenue Bulletin (Internal Revenue Service)
IRBInternational Rugby Board
IRBInstitutional Review Board
IRBImmigration and Refugee Board (Canadian immigration)
IRBInternal Ratings Based (banking; risk management)
IRBInstitute for Research in Biomedicine
IRBInstitut Rudjer Boskovic (Croatian research institute)
IRBInternal Review Board
IRBIndustrial Revenue Bond
IRBIntegrated Routing and Bridging
IRBInstitut de Recherché en Biotechnologie (French)
IRBInterrupt Response Block
IRBInterrupt Redirection Bitmap
IRBInternational Review Board
IRBInternet Routing and Bridging
IRBInter Repeater Backplane
IRBInternal Ratings Based
IRBIron Reducing Bacteria
IRBIrish Republican Brotherhood
IRBIndian Rocks Beach (Florida)
IRBIndependent Review Board
IRBInvestment Review Board
IRBIndustrial Robot
IRBInteractive Ruby Shell (programming)
IRBIron-Related Bacteria
IRBInformation Reader Box (Department of Health; UK)
IRBIndustrial and Regional Benefits (Canada)
IRBInshore Rescue Boat
IRBIndustrial Regional Benefits
IRBIndividual Record(s) Brief
IRBInformation Resources Board (US FEMA)
IRBImproved Ribbon Bridge
IRBIntel Research Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
IRBIndustrial Relations Board
IRBInternational Register on Biosafety
IRBInfrared Brazing
IRBIndian Reserved Battalion
IRBIndependent Research Board
IRBIncome Replacement Benefit (Ontario Accident Benefits Schedule)
IRBI Are Back
IRBInternal Review Budget
IRBIncident Report Book (police)
IRBInterruption Request Block
IRBInternet Renaissance Band
IRBIndustrial Relations Bulletin
IRBInfrastructure Review Board
IRBInitial Review Board
IRBInspection Review Board
IRBInflatible Rescue Boat
IRBInspection Requirements Branch (US Navy)
IRBIron Rotating Band
IRBInner Radiation Belt
IRBInstitutional Review Branch (various organizations)
IRBIndustrial Readjustment Branch
IRBInterest Buy-Down
IRBInstrumentation/Relay Board
IRBInducto-Ratio Bridge
IRBImproved Rotor Blade
IRBImpulse Resistance Bridge
IRBIrregular Route Motor Carriers Bureau
IRBIntelligence Review Board
IRBInternationally Recognized Border
IRBIrregular Billing
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The rule, described in an Internal Revenue Bulletin dated January 2, 2018, says the IRS will deny tax-exempt status to "an organization whose purpose is directed to the improvement of business conditions of one or more lines of business relating to an activity involving controlled substances (within the meaning of schedule I and II of the Controlled Substances Act) which is prohibited by Federal law regardless of its legality under the law of the state in which such activity is conducted."
Revenue Ruling 2018-25, announcing the rates of interest, is attached and will appear in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2018-39, dated Sept.
His disbarment and the reason for it were then publicly reported in the Internal Revenue Bulletin, as is required for censures and suspensions (see 2010-36 I.R.B.
Although Treasury and the IRS typically publish all TDs in both the Federal Register and the Internal Revenue Bulletin, publication in the Internal Revenue Bulletin typically occurs some weeks after publication in the Federal Register.
Amounts paid to create or enhance future benefits identified as intangibles requiring capitalization, based on published guidance in the Federal Register or an Internal Revenue Bulletin.
See also section 448 of the Internal Revenue Code; Notice 2001-76 in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2001-52; and IRS Publication 538, Accounting Periods and Methods.
Internal Revenue Bulletin 2009-3
IRB Internal Revenue Bulletin of Internal Revenue Service
This guidance, Revenue Procedure 2009-45, will be published in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2009-40, dated Oct.
Further information on the NOL carryback procedures will appear in the May 11 Internal Revenue Bulletin.
Revenue rulings that are published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin do not have the force and effect of law (as with Treasury regulations), but they may be used as precedents.
The Notice is 2007-6, published in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2007-3.
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