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IEBRInstitute of Ecology and Biological Resources (Hanoi, Vietnam)
IEBRInternal and Extra Budgetary Resource (India)
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The Plan outlay consists of Rs.1848 crore by way of budgetary support and Rs.2,891 crore of Internal and Extra Budgetary Resource (IEBR).
1,00,179.05crore respectively including Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR).
The airline has also been allowed to raise Rs5,060mn through IEBR (Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources).
The Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR) of the CPSUs has been estimated at Rs.20.59 lakh crores making the total resources available for the Central Plan at Rs.47.70 lakh crores.
There would be no financial outgo from the Government on account of the construction of new dry dock as the expenditure of Rs.1799 crore will be funded through Internal and Extra Budgetary resources (IEBR) of CSL and the funding requirements are fully tied up.
An amount of Rs.72589 crore is proposed to be allocated in 2015-16 as Plan capital expenditure by oil and gas Central public sector enterprises from the internal and extra budgetary resources (IEBR) of the companies for projects for exploration and production, refining & marketing, petro chemicals and engineering.
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