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Throughout the European Union, national electricity markets are being reviewed to align with a common European Target Model~ for cross border capacity allocation and congestion management upon which the Internal Electricity Market is to be founded.
Other measures called for in the report to improve energy efficiency include: the compulsory installation, in all buildings, of intelligent measuring instruments within ten years of the new directive on common rules for the internal electricity market coming into force; strengthening public procurement procedures based on various energy efficiency criteria, and more specifically by promoting ecological (green) products in tenders, especially by imposing energy efficiency standards and making it obligatory to integrate the energy cost of the life cycle into investment evaluations; applying a tax on road transport that would not only be for the expressway network.
Such data may have an impact on the internal electricity market and relate to: 1.
Despite the EP's July vote for ownership unbundling, the internal electricity market rapporteur recognises that the committee will have to vote on an alternative.
Throughout the european union, national electricity markets are being reviewed to align with a common european target model~~~~ for cross border capacity allocation and congestion management upon which the internal electricity market is to be founded.
In accordance with Directive 2003/54/EC on the internal market in electricity, the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission made an inter-institutional statement underlining the need for member states to ensure that adequate financial resources for decommissioning and waste management activities are actually available for their intended use and are managed in a transparent way, thus avoiding obstacles to fair competition on the internal electricity market in Europe.
The guidelines aim at setting the framework for network codes that should maintain security of supply, support completion of the internal electricity market and cross-border trade.
The European Wind Energy Association sings from the same songsheet: "effective competition in the Internal Electricity Market must be a precondition for fair and effective competition in renewables".
Topics to be covered: the impact of the internal electricity market on the environment, co-operative initiatives on sustainable development, integrating the environment and sustainable development into core business activities, assessment of the success of international.
It follows EU internal electricity market rules, notably specifying the removal of regulated tariffs, separation of transmission system operator (TSO) activities and roles, and removal of cross-border restrictions.
No wonder, then, that Luxembourg Green MEP Claude Turmes, himself rapporteur on the internal electricity market in 2003, is already calling for a fourth liberalisation package.
Turmes, himself rapporteur on the internal electricity market in 2003 for the second liberalisation package, called - again - for ownership unbundling for pipelines and grids, access to storage of electricity and of gas as well as more powers for the ACER.