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1990) Bilateral internal mammary artery grafts for coronary artery bypass operations in children.
Conclusion: Internal mammary artery flow was higher in Pathan and Baloch patients and low in migrants and Sindhis.
Caption: Figure 2: Angiogram of the brachiocephalic artery shows the hypertrophic aberrant bronchial artery (white arrow) arising from the proximal portion of the right internal mammary artery (black arrow), findings that corresponded with the CTA image.
Artery n-number of isolated cases Right intercostobronchial 157 (93) Right bronchial 45 (19) Left bronchial 55 (23) Common bronchial 97 (56) Right intercostal 36 (4) Left intercostal 28 (7) Right internal mammary artery 9 (1) Left internal mammary artery 23 (9) Right lateral thoracic 6 (0) Left lateral thoracic 16 (1) Right cervicothoracic 4 (1) Left cervicothoracic 10 (5) Right inferior phrenic 8 (4) Left inferior phrenic 1 (1) Artery with variant anatomy 5 (2) Anomalous artery 2 (2) Table 4: Comparison of outcome of bronchial artery embolization in various studies.
This case has a particular condition by using the left internal mammary artery to revascularize the LAD artery.
There is a stenosis of the proximal portion of the subclavian artery resulting in reversal of flow in an internal mammary artery graft and subsequent ischemia in the territory it supplies.
Internal mammary artery angiography should be routine component of diagnostic coronary angiography.
Should Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery Grafts Be Used For Coronary Artery Surgery?
The MIRA-i CS Retractor offers both titanium internal mammary artery (IMA) blades, which attach to any table-based retractor system.
The patient underwent 23 mm St Jude Trifecta (St Jude Medical, Inc, St Paul, USA) bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement and triple coronary artery bypass grafting (left internal mammary artery to left anterior descending artery, saphenous vein grafts to first marginal circumflex artery and right posterior descending artery).
In our patient, an internal mammary artery (IMA) graft was not used because there were advanced fibrotic changes and calcification in the aorta and its major branches.
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