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INMOIrish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (Ireland)
INMOInternal Monologue
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The tale is an internal monologue, voiced in memories, graphs, and maps, where even machines are bestowed the power of cognition.
Katie Tchemberdji's gentle piano music makes a perfect, minimalist companion to Johanna's internal monologues.
Unfolding like an internal monologue set to chimey guitars and cascading piano, "Steel Toe Stiletto" deals with being trapped in a dead-end relationship from the male perspective.
Shot in black-and-white and entirely in exterior, the cart-driver's internal monologue tracked through the synchronous sound of French, the nineteen-minute film captures the intrusive stares of passers-by, proof of the newness of the camera as a tool in the public domain.
And if writing reflects the compulsion to speak, then the proliferation of language could also manifest itself in an internal monologue: Nauman's early works, which take the body and the name of the artist (along with negative space) as their primary subjects, emerged from the condition of isolation in an empty storefront studio where, too poor to afford materials, the artist recalled, "I was forced to examine myself, and what I was doing there." Above all, in art after 1960, language not only filled space, it was concretized; language had become variously a condition, a medium, even a thing.
Consider his internal monologue: "Yet still he wondered: Was sorcery a gift given to a few, like poetry?
Formally, dialogues between the thirteen-year-old Elena and the eleven-year-old Isabel alternate with long passages of internal monologue, in translation either using the third person or rendering the Spanish use of the reflexive pronoun (se + verb) with the English second-person you," thus lending the translation at times an almost frenzied immediacy that also illustrates the multidimensionality of both the speaking and reading subjects.
The clues take him and Janet to various locales, such as courthouses and the victim's and suspects' homes, all while Samuel delivers a running internal monologue, including this when an unexpected person enters Questions Answered: "My first reaction was to ask the man to leave, but that has been my initial reaction to virtually everyone I have ever met."
Pouring his pensive guts out with the fervor of a confessional poet on the verge of a psychotic break, Adkins' musings unfold like an intense, well-orchestrated internal monologue and in-depth character study on isolation and loneliness.
Despite his delusions of grandeur, Butler still has to wait in line like the rest of us on the internal monologue set to music, "Modern Man." More John Paul Sartre than Jerry Seinfeld, Butler is trapped by the same compliances of everyday society.
It may even be described as cadenced prose, in which the author uses a montage of leitmotiv, email, telephone conversations, indirections, and internal monologue to form a complete picture of European reactions on site and abroad.
In this internal monologue that speaks volumes, McPhee is falling apart, unbeknown to the lover sleeping next to her.
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