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ITSInformation Technology Services
ITSInformation Technology Security
ITSInformation Technology Support
ITSInformation Technology Service (GSA, formerly IRMS)
ITSInformation Technology Solutions
ITSInformation Technology Service (SAIC)
ITSInformation Technology System
ITSIntelligent Transportation System
ITSIn the Spotlight (Boulder, CO)
ITSIn The Soup
ITSInternet Transaction Server (SAP R/3)
ITSIntent to Sue
ITSIntelligent Transportation Society
ITSImportant To Safety
ITSIntelligent Transport System (NEC)
ITSInstitute of Technology and Science
ITSIntelligent Tutoring System
ITSInternational Temperature Scale
ITSInformation Technology Society
ITSInternal Transcribed Spacer (ribosomal DNA repeating unit)
ITSInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh (Indonesian: Institute of Technology)
ITSIntegrated Technology Services
ITSI Thought So
ITSInternational Tracing Service
ITSInventory Tracking System
ITSIowa Telecommunications Services Inc
ITSIntertek Testing Services
ITSInformation Transport Systems (cabling)
ITSInstructional Technology Specialist (various schools)
ITSInternational Trade Specialist
ITSInstitute of Technology Sligo (Sligo, Ireland)
ITSInstitute for Telecommunication Sciences
ITSIntegration Time Step (software)
ITSIntegrated Transport Strategy (various locations)
ITSIslamic Texts Society (UK)
ITSInstitute for Transport Studies (various schools)
ITSInternational Turnkey Systems (Kuwait)
ITSInternet Technology Solutions (various locations)
ITSIndustry Training Services (various locations)
ITSInitial Training School
ITSInfrastructure Technology Services (various organizations)
ITSInfrastructure Technology Solutions (various locations)
ITSIndustrial Technical Services
ITSInfecciones de Transmisión Sexual (Spanish: Sexually Transmitted Infections)
ITSInternal Tracking System
ITSInnovative Training Solutions
ITSInternational Tax Structures (social network group; XING)
ITSInstituto Técnico Salesiano (Spanish: Salesian Technical Institute; Guatemala)
ITSInternational Transportation Service (Long Beach, CA)
ITSInterpretation and Translation Service (various locations)
ITSInsolvency and Trustee Service (Australia and New Zealand)
ITSIntegrated Truss Structure
ITSInnovative Test Solutions (New York)
ITSIndividual Tree Selection (logging)
ITSIntermarket Trading System (electronic communications network linking nine markets)
ITSInvitation To Send
ITSInternational Thespian Society
ITSIncidental Take Statement
ITSInformation Technology Studies (course)
ITSIntelligence Training System (US DoD Intelligence training; Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX)
ITSIndustrial Turbine Services (various locations)
ITSIdentity Theft Solutions (various locations)
ITSIntegrated Technical Solutions, Inc. (Lorton, VA)
ITSIslamic Thinkers Society (New York, NY)
ITSInternational Transcription Service
ITSInternational Travel Survey (Canada)
ITSInformation Technology Standards
ITSIntelligent Tuning System
ITSInflatable Tubular Structure
ITSIos Telephony Service
ITSInformation Technology Specialist
ITSIntelligent Transport System
ITSInformation Technology Service
ITSIt Support
ITSImage Transfer System
ITSInstall Time Security
ITSIncompatible Timesharing System
ITSInternet Transaction Server
ITSInternational Telecommunications Society
ITSInternet Document Set
ITSInternationalized Tag Set
ITSIontophoretic Transdermal System
ITSIntegrated Tool Set
ITSInteroperability Test Suite(s)
ITSIndicator Light Test Switch (lighting)
ITSInmate Tracking System (wireless network; criminal justice)
ITSInternational Trade Secretariats
ITSIntegrated Training System
ITSInteractive Training System
ITSInternet Time Service
ITSInformation Technologies Services (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
ITSIncompatible Time-Sharing System
ITSIntegrated Telecom Solutions (Sprint)
ITSIndirect Tensile Strength
ITSInternational Technical Services
ITSIndividual Training Standards
ITSIOS Telephony Service (Cisco)
ITSInterconnected Trail System
ITSInternet Telephony Server (Lucent)
ITSInternational Treasury Services (US Department of the Treasury)
ITSInternational Theological Seminary (Bradenton, FL)
ITSIssues in the Theory of Security (workshop)
ITSInformationstekniska Standardiseringen (Swedish: Information Technical Standards)
ITSInternational Telecommunication Society
ITSInternational Teleproduction Society
ITSInternational Total Services, Inc. (service contract company)
ITSInternational Type Search
ITSIndependent Tribunal Service (UK)
ITSInstitute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley
ITSInternet Technology Series (IETF)
ITSIndividual Training System
ITSInsertion Test Signal (ITU-T)
ITSInternational Telecommunication Symposium
ITSIntegrated Test Stand
ITSInternational Title Service
ITSIndependent Target System (MILES Component)
ITSInter-Plan Teleprocessing Services (health insurance)
ITSImpactor Target Sensor (Deep Impact cometary probe)
ITSInitial Test Speed (tires)
ITSIntellisys Technology Corporation
ITSInternal Time Slot (AT&T)
ITSIowa Talent Search (Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa)
ITSInspection and Test Solutions
ITSIndex of Thermal Stress
ITSIntegrated Test Schedule
ITSInformation Technical Specialist
ITSInflux to Surface (oil production measurement)
ITSIntegrated Testing Services
ITSIntegrated Teaching Systems
ITSIntermediate Transfer Station
ITSInterchange Transaction Scheduling
ITSInstrumented TEMPEST Survey
ITSIntellectual Traffic System
ITSInterim Targeting Solution
ITSInner Thermal Shield
ITSInoculation Tracking System (TMIP)
ITSInterferometer Thermal Sounder
ITSInstitute of Telecommunications Standards
ITSInfinite Time Slicing
ITSInterim Trainer Support
ITSInformation Transmittal Sheet
ITSIntersectional Transportation Service
ITSImagery Transformation Services
ITSInternational Translation System (Sprint)
ITSIndependent Training Solutions Ltd (UK)
ITSImproved Tracking and Service (USPS)
ITSInteractive Training Simulation/System
ITSInteragency Testing Committee Tracking System (EPA)
ITSIntegrated Turf Solutions
ITSIntegrated Transition Schedule
ITSInstallation Telecommunications System
ITSInformation Transfer System/Service
ITSInternational Technology and Sensors
ITSInterim Transition Schedule
ITSImagery Transfer Server
ITSIndianhead Transit Service
ITSInstitute Tengah Sawah (Indonesian: Central Rice Institute)
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Sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) 1/5.8S/ITS2 and small subunit ribosomal RNA confirmed that Trichomonas gypaetinii was the etiologic agent.
caninum internal transcribed spacer 1 region using external primers NN1-NN2 and internal primers NP1-NP2, as previously described (8,9).
Yeast TY2 was identified by D1/D2 domain sequence of the large subunit (LSU) of rDNA and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) as Zygosaccaromyces pseudorouxii TY2.
Internal transcribed spacer sequence (ITS) from Sclerotium cepivorum amplified by PCR using new primers and a boiling DNA method from infected garlic as template.
insidiosum internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of the rRNA locus, i.e., the ribosomal DNA (rDNA region) that consists of 18S rRNA, internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1), 5.8S rRNA, internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2), and 28S rRNA (GROOTERS & GEE, 2002).
These include 18S, 28S and especially the internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1) and internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2), which are situated between the 18S and 5.8S, and 5.8S and 28S rRNA genes, respectively (Figure.
Area and personal air samples were collected to test for gram-negative bacterial lipopolysaccharide (commonly referred to as endotoxin) and to determine bacterial and fungal diversity using 16S ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) and fungal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region gene sequencing, respectively (4).
vaginalis isolates; these methods include multisequence typing, microsatellite genotyping, and analyzing internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences (16, 17).
isolated from bovine and buffaloes in the Nghe An province, central Vietnam, using PCR-RFLP and sequence analysis of the first nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS1).
Meloidogyne incognita Kerala isolate NemMiTG7, 18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; internal transcribed spacer 1, 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene, and internal transcribed spacer 2, complete sequence; and 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
In this study, we tested whether a portion of the nuclear encoded internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) between the 5.8S rRNA and 28S rRNA genes can aid in diagnosis of A.
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