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of the 11 casenotes below--teleMates Pty Ltd v Standard SoftTel Solutions Puy Ltd (2011) 257 FLR 75; Re ACN 103 757 484 Pty Ltd (2011) 86 ACSR 112; Traxys Europe SA v Balaji Coke Industry Put Lid (No 2) (2012) 201 FCR 535; and Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S v Beach Building & Civil Croup Pty Ltd (2012) 292 ALR 161--are adapted and compared in a paper derived from those events: Luke Nottage and Albert Monichino, 'International Commercial Arbitration Developments in Model Law Jurisdictions: Japan Seen from Australia' (2013) 1 International Arbitration Law Review 34.
Pamela Rogers Chepiga, Available in America: Punitive Damages in Arbitration, 7 International Arbitration Law Review 115 (2004).
(26) L Nottage, 'Japan's New Arbitration Law: Domestication Reinforcing Internationalisation?' (2004) 7 International Arbitration Law Review 54; L.
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