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IACMInternational Association for Cannabis as Medicine
IACMInternational Association for Computational Mechanics
IACMInternational Association of Color Manufacturers (Washington, DC)
IACMIdle Air Control Motor
IACMIndustry Advisory Committee Meeting
IACMInstituto de Aviação Civil de Moçambique (Portuguese: Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique)
IACMInter-Action Complexity Metric
IACMInternal Access Control Mechanism
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According to the International Association of Color Manufacturers, a trade association for food dye makers and users, artificial color additives enhance and correct natural colors and "provide a colorful identity to foods that would otherwise be virtually colorless," as well as compensating for natural color loss during storage and providing a way to quickly identify pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.
We take our commitment to protecting children seriously." In a statement released after the publication of A Rainbow of Risks, the International Association of Color Manufacturers highlighted its adherence to current FDA protocols, noting, "The FDA has repeatedly stated that these colors are safe based on the available safety data." (4)
International Association of Color Manufacturers Reaffirms Safety of Food Dyes [press release].
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