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The IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group letter to the Rome-based International Association of Judges echoes the findings of a report released in Beirut in June entitled "Behind the FaE*ade: How a Politicized Judiciary and Administrative Sanctions Undermine Tunisian Human Rights" (http://ifex.org/tunisia
In 1999, he won the Justice in the World prize from the International Association of Judges.
He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1969 and holds the post of Scottish representative to the International Association of Judges.
Christophe Regnard, the president of the EAJ, which is a part of the International Association of Judges and represents 44 member associations throughout Europe, wrote to Gri Hat -- an online news portal -- upon being sent questions regarding the situation of the rule of law in Turkey.
Moderate Islamist Al-Wasat Party's proposed amendments to the judiciary law would lower the retirement age for judges from 70 to 60, which would result in the immediate forced early retirement of an estimated 3,500 judges, a prospect that caused controversy within the judiciary and prompted the Judges' Club to file an official complaint with the International Association of Judges.
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