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ICRBIndiana Compensation Rating Bureau (insurance)
ICRBInternational Classification of Retinoblastoma (oncology)
ICRBInternal Civil Rights Branch
ICRBInternal Change Review Board
ICRBIntercultural Resource Bureau (Internet company)
ICRBImmune Complex Red Cell Binding
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Now with OAC, 90% of the eyes that would be enucleated are getting salvaged.12 Previously the Reese Ellsworth classification was used for retinoblastoma, but now the newer International Classification of Retinoblastoma (ICRB) is being adopted as it can assist in the prediction of chemotherapy success.5 For our analysis, we evaluated the overall globe salvage using a multitude of established treatment modalities at our disposal, including, newer modalities such as OAC and intravitreal chemotherapy, and the overall outcomes based on ICRB.
High-risk retinoblastoma based on international classification of retinoblastoma: analysis of 519 enucleated eyes.
TABLE 1: The International Classification of Retinoblastoma (IRCB) [7].
both eyes equally Morbidity with advanced then VEC + treatment is high STC* + low-dose EBRT V - vincristine; C - carboplatin; E - etoposide; EBRT - external beam radiotherapy; ICRB - International Classification of Retinoblastoma; STC - sub-tenon carboplatin.
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