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ICNInternational Council of Nurses (Conseil International des Infirmières)
ICNIntercondylar Notch (knee)
ICNInternational Congress of Nutrition
ICNIowa Communications Network
ICNInterstitial Cystitis Network
ICNInstituto da Conservação da Natureza (Portugal)
ICNIcon File
ICNInter Change Node
ICNInter Connecting Network
ICNInventory Control Number
ICNInformation and Communication System
ICNInternet Call Notification
ICNIn-Car Navigation (software)
ICNInternational Competition Network
ICNI Care Not
ICNIndustry Capability Network (Australian and New Zealand)
ICNInternational Computer Network (data management company)
ICNInternal Control Number
ICNIndiana College Network
ICNInternational Conference on Networking
ICNIntensive Care Nursery
ICNInstitute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College London)
ICNInfection Control Nurse
ICNIllinois Century Network
ICNInterface Control Net (US DoD)
ICNIndependent Comedy Network (video content portal)
ICNInvoice Control Number (billing)
ICNItem Control Number
ICNInformation and Communications Networks (Siemens AG)
ICNIntegrated Computing Network
ICNIdle Channel Noise (Sprint)
ICNInterim Change Notice
ICNInformation Control Net (modeling language)
ICNInstitute of Communication Networks
ICNIslamic Center of Naperville
ICNIndependent Communications Network
ICNInterconnecting CCS Network (Telcordia)
ICNInternational CUG Number (ANSI, ITU-T)
ICNInterface Change Notice
ICNImplementation Change Notice
ICNIntercentre Network
ICNInter-Array Correlation-Neglecting
ICNInchon International Airport, Korea (Airport Code)
ICNInternal Call Notification (telecommunications)
ICNInterchangeability Control Number
ICNIntegrated Campus Network
ICNInteractive Collaborative Narrative
ICNImporter's Clearance Number (Australian government)
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Additionally, China Mobile is one of the members of the international computer network and is authorized to provide international networking services.
For example, the authors point out that critics have argued that the forfeiture provisions are too broad; an entire international computer network might be forfeited because of action taken on one computer.
Similarly, the second provision, which allows forfeiture of property used in any manner to facilitate violations, could subject an entire international computer network to forfeiture because one computer was used.
These negotiations aim to enable the two countries, both contracting parties to the 1987 Convention governing the joint transit regime, to participate in the creation of an international computer network. The European Community has already developed a joint communications/interface network intended to modernise the management of the joint transit system and more effectively combat transit fraud.
But a 3000-mile romance blossomed thanks to love messages posted on the international computer network.
Qualified end users and dealer members can search for machinery for sale or wanted by dealers and manufacturers by using MIS's international computer network called SuperMate II, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The largest world of on-line information is that of the Internet, the international computer network that may one day rival the global phone system in its scope and common design.
As Humanist columnist Sara Diamond notes in her invaluable 1989 study, Spiritual Warfare, both Evangelization 2000 and Lumen 2000 include plans for an international computer network intended not only to link parish churches in target dioceses but also to monitor the activities and writings of liberationists and supporters of the so-called popular church, especially in the Third World.
The center recently joined the international computer network known as Internet and now newspapers in both the Collegiate Network and the European Journalism Program can communicate directly with each other.
Young members of Earth Kids, operators of an international kids' environmental computer network, will connect the conference via an international computer network to remote international and national locations from which many additional kids can be involved in conference content.
The Internet is an international computer network connecting millions of academic, military, government and commercial computer users via thousands of computer networks.
"A national and international computer network could promote tolerance and understanding among people because electronic communication gives visibility only to words, not age, race, sex, or nationality." Moreover, networking would let some people work at home, leaving time for things such as child care; educators and students would have access to state-of-the-art research and information; and Third World and developing countries could move into the information technologies market by investing in education, instead of developing heavy industries that require large capital investment and damage the environment.
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