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INCOREInitiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
INCOREInternational Conflict Research
INCOREInternet Content Rating for Europe
INCOREIntegral Concept for Groundwater Remediation
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Dr Kirk, who is believed to have grown up in Northern Ireland, was affiliated to Ulster University's International Conflict Research centre, based at its Coleraine campus.
The 40-year-old dual UK and Canadian citizen had worked at the university's Unesco International Conflict Research centre before she joined the IRC in 2004.
In analyzing the relationship between economic freedom and external conflict, I rely on the KOSIMO data set from the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK 1998, 1999) and on the Fraser Institute's economic freedom of the world (EFW) index (Gwartney and Lawson 2000).
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