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IDMAInsurance Data Management Association
IDMAInternational Dance Music Awards (Winter Music Conference; Florida)
IDMAInternational Diamond Manufacturers Association
IDMAInterleave Division Multiple Access
IDMAInstituto de Desarrollo Y Medio Ambiente (Spanish: Institute for Development and Environment)
IDMAIrish Direct Marketing Association
IDMAIt Doesn't Mean Anything
IDMAInternational Dancing Masters' Association (now International Dance Teachers Association; UK)
IDMAInterdisciplinary Master of Arts (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
IDMAInternal Direct Memory Access
IDMAInternational Doll Makers Association
IDMAIdentity Driven Management Architecture (ProCurves)
IDMAInternational Digital Media Association
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DANCING QUEEN: Typist Mary Firth, 18, of Fartown Green was the only 'highly commended" as her school of dance won an award from the International Dancing Masters' Association in September 1953 EX53.
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