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"We feel close to the Samoan people too, because they're always beating us at rugby." | For information on Howl Griff and the new single International Dateline visit
The first worldwide celebrations started in the island nation of Samoa, which hopped across the international dateline at midnight on Thursday, skipping Friday and moving instantly to Saturday.
THE South Pacific island nation of Samoa has announced it will jump forward in time by one day by switching to the west side of the international dateline - 119 years after it moved the other way in a bid to boost its trade and economy.
Because of the International Dateline, attendees departing January 4 will be able to make connections permitting participation at the American Historical Association in Chicago later that week.
Earlier, the 6,000 residents of the tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati, just east of the international dateline, were the first to see in the new year, while New Zealand's Auckland also marked the occasion with fireworks.
(Tokyo is 19 hours ahead of Honolulu and the flight crosses the International Dateline.)
The remote Chatham Islands was the first of more than 100 nations and territories to turn off the power at 8.30pm local time, in a rolling event around the globe that ended just across the International Dateline in Samoa 24 hours later.
The WWF-run event officially began when New Zealand's Chatham Islands was the first of more than 100 nations and territories to turn off the power, in a rolling event around the globe that ends just across the International Dateline in Samoa 24 hours later.
Part of the planning included the dispatch of FISC Yokosuka Household Goods Division experts to Norfolk, Va., who developed an advance-planning and preparation program for the 240 families of GW crew members making the hemispherical move from the eastern seaboard of the United States to the other side of the international dateline and the land of the rising sun.
Which American state lies nearest to the international dateline? 6.
You only had to listen to the responses to songs such as Black Cat, International Dateline and Seventeen to realise this was hardly a vintage performance.
In a freak storm in the middle of the huge ocean near the International Dateline, a giant container carrying 29,000 bath toys was washed overboard and broken open 4,000 miles into its journey to Tacoma, Washington state.
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