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Paper presented at the International Federation for Home Economics XIX World Congress, Accra, Ghana.
Positive parenting has proved to be the right approach." Kaczmarska said: "The Doha Briefing on 'Civil Society Statement on Parenting' provides a platform for advocacy on the importance of parenting and investing in parenting education as part of overall family policymaking conducive to the realisation of the 2030 Development Agenda." The panel also brought together organisations and NGOs such as the World Family Organization; International Federation for Home Economics; Focus on the Family Malaysia; Investing in Children and their Societies; Fathers in Africa; Ngala, Parenting with Confidence; and European Large Families Confederation.
Participants included representatives from Focus on the Family Malaysia, Investing in Children and Their Societies, the Africa Fatherhood Initiative, the World Family Organization, Ngala Parenting with Confidence, the International Federation for Home Economics, the European Large Families Confederation, and the Parents Forum.
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